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Perfect Liberty 2021.17

Oft in quiet solitude, I think, in retrospective mood,

of all the days and years gone by, of memories that will not die.

I think of times so long ago, Acquaintances I used to know,

and how they used to stop and share a little joy, a little care

I think of moments in the past, when happiness just had to last

Its light with bright endeavour shone, As if to warn – dull care, begone!

I think of many golden days, all special in so many ways.

Good times were had by one and all; Bad times? Nothing to recall.

Oft in lonely solitude, I think in recollective mood,

Receiving an old cavalcade, of memories that cannot fade.

J.M Robertson

Yesterday morning during my walk, I was chasing signs that fall is on its way.. =^_^=…

Have a good day everyone!


Comments on: "Saturday" (7)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Send a text, or call, or email, or write a letter to one of those friends from “a while” ago.

    Not trying to restart the friendship. Just a simple “Hello, I still think of you and appreciate your time in my life”.

  2. There are many good memories to ponder. But fall, not yet, surely!

    • LOL don’t worry, I’ve not learned the spell that will grant me that wish.. I’m just going to have to deal with the heat and humidity .. can’t ruin it for others now can I… I am getting some good pictures, timing helps.. I get out early in the day… how are your adventures?

      • Not getting out and about as much as I should, but at least walk the dog most days. We feed the hummingbirds and have some nesting swallows on the property. I worked the bird-banding station this week. That’s always fun.

    • bird banding, that IS interesting.. how did you come to do that? Are they wild birds? how do you get to them.. ? Someday you maybe tell us a bit more.. I don’t get to see hummingbirds.. they are pretty little things.. I’m afraid the crows have me wrapped around their little personalities. =^_^= I’m headed out but I can tell by the humidity that is already happening, I won’t be long.. … waves happily across the miles to you.

      • This is a long-running national program. We use most nets to catch the birds during breeding season. We take down a bunch of data and put leg band on them for identification.

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