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The day started out very mild, in fact balmy. When I stepped outside I could hear the ice melting, there was a gentle rain falling that was very soothing. By the time I got to the birds, you can see that the Blue Jay was wet, it was a rain mixed with fluffy snowflakes.

By the time this picture was taken we were getting ice pellets, the temperature was no longer pleasant.

When you face difficulties start with anything you can do. When you are able to grasp the situation, you will surely be able to notice something that you can do.

Perfect Liberty 2022.12

The flash freeze that had been predicted had arrived. I was happy I’d started out early and that all the feeders were stocked. Nothing is a bother/problem when we are prepared.

Till soon…

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  1. I agree that preparation is key! Hope the weather isn’t too dire there.

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