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storytellers ..

Hello… I took a different path today while wandering in the woods.. Look at what I found. Anyone have an idea, or story on how this came to be?

Mr. Racoon here was my only companion that travelled along with me.. well part of the way.. I did have a hawk fly over who gave me a nod.. but continued on his journey.

I did stop outside the beaver’s home to see if he or one of his family would come along, but, no.. the day was my own. This is where I was, when the hawk flew over head.

Have a joyful day by being a little more creative. You will enjoy your day more by adding a little creativity to your daily activities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.16

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a raccoon while hiking. Good find.

    • he was interesting I’d say an old timer, he wasn’t interested in me at all, as long as I didn’t advance on him, he ignored me, I wasn’t all that far from him..

  2. A good walk – you leg must be improving.

  3. First of all, dear friend, take good care of yourself please. Secondly, I think someone brought the chair one day so they would have a place to sit and contemplate the beauty around them.
    Perhaps a bear tried it out, like Goldielocks, with the same result. Hugs.

    • Hello dear one… there is a peace and tranquility when I wander in the woods that is so special… a chair to sit and contemplate.. would be ok… some how…a fallen log has a greater appeal… it somehow belongs… xxxo

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