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Treasure each moment…

Is it just me… can anyone else see the bear’s face?

No two people will ever see the same thing even if they are standing in the same place, same time of day, and are both approx. the same height etc. I was busy being mindful, taking my time, walking slowly, and had almost gone past this stump when something made me look towards it. The forest was quiet, there were woodpeckers being busy, and a few crows calling back and forth, but otherwise, it was an uneventful morning..

Then I felt rather than saw the bear.. it took me a few minutes to realize that the energy was coming from the stump,… no matter how I looked at it, where I stood, the face was there looking back at me. I didn’t have my Nikon.. so used my cell. I think the grizzly is still there. ??

Treasure each moment in time… Life is a continuation of “now” Treasure each and every moment as it comes, so that you can live your life as fully as possible without regrets. PL 2016.10


Comments on: "Treasure each moment…" (6)

  1. I too can see the bear in the tree stump

  2. Cool picture❤️

  3. Me too. I can definitely see a bear with his mouth open.

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