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sincerity – makoto

I took this little beauty last year on one of my early walks at Petrie Island, there were a lot of them, this one stood long enough for me to grab a picture. This year so far I’ve only come across the odd one here and there, mind you our weather has been up and done, mild, cold, warmer, rain, then just to make it more interesting snow.

Put your heart into your words. Do you tend to speak in just a matter of fact tone? It is important to put your heart into your words.

Perfect Liberty 2022.19

2022/04/18 Red clover The flower language is “honesty.” The beginning of the day! I’ve been feeling good since this morning. If you’re in good shape, You can spend the whole day comfortably ^^ “How do I do this day?” I think I’ll make myself happy.” said he, looking in the mirror. Ask yourself a question yourself. The brain is very honest. An antenna that looks for happiness. They’ll stand it up. on a happy day Maybe it will be 🤗 (violet) (four-leaf clover) Translated in Japan to English


Comments on: "sincerity – makoto" (3)

  1. Robins are back, a good sign

  2. Patricia Lebrun said:

    J’aime les photos de tes oiseaux, prend soin de toi, j’ai un test du colonnoscopie jeudi a pres je suis 24 heures de repos.

    joyeux Paques ❤🐇


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