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hello spring…

The woodland floor is starting to send out lovely green beauties… I discovered a patch in the sunlight the other day when walking around a water logged area .. that needed to be avoided… =^_^= always something fun to find when on a discovery walk.

The ribs are still angry with me from my foray yesterday. So today I will refrain from picking up large/medium,, long pieces of fallen trees to build my little “wood stands” along the trails. The other day I met a racoon, saw a hawk, what will I find today =^_^=… I will have to leave the camera .. it will be too heavy for me with my ribs being so “tender” (yes even with my “cotton” vest that supports the weight)


Reminder… on the 21st. Thanksgiving/day of Appreciation service will be at 7 pm. for those that can attend.

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  1. Sad to hear you hurt your ribs. Hope it’s just bruises.

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