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woodland warrior

Welcome – I give you safe passage

When you get stuck, take a step back… When you are able to see things objectively, your viewpoint will change and you will receive new wisdom.

Perfect Liberty 2022.23

I pass this warrior almost daily… Some days he is on duty, other days if he is there I don’t see him, yet obviously he is always there. In life, that happens often, maybe too often. Working towards being aware, is a full time occupation. With time, the many MUST see/do that occur in one’s life fade, or take on a different priority.

Being a diabetic, there are steps I should take every day. Do I? The honest answer is NO… do I realize that I am in the process of major changes.. that life for me has taken on a different hue, shading if you will, yes .. in the background there is still that AAA personality.. that need to “do”.. to “act” … but with time, there has also been another “voice” that has risen from within.. a gentler voice, a quieter voice, but one that needs hearing non-the-less. By no one else, but me.. I need to listen and let it be heard.

Like the warrior, all the elements of nature that have wrapped or woven energy around me over time, have shaped and left scars, some I can see, and others I may no longer see, but I feel the wound as if it was yesterday.

The ancient tree can no longer return to life as a sapling, his gnarled existence is who and what he is. His many years of life he wears proudly, his scars and open wounds are badges of honour he wears openly for all to see. I a human, can I do the same…?


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