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July 2. 7/2 = 9

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Perfect Liberty 2022.2

What are you watching now, how are you reacting. Do you have a secret desire to do something different, to be someone else for a day, to just get away, to have time to your SELF. In days past, we were entertained by going to hotels, bars, nightclubs, we met friends in cafes, restaurants, we gathered in the park, attended sporting events, we mingled with our neighbours and friends.. We said hello to people we saw daily, we expressed genuine interest in what what going on around us.

So often I see people, rushing from one place to another, we drive around in cars, get out, go do what we need to do, get back in our cars go to the next destination, do what needs doing and then often head back to home/office and we have not had a social interaction all the time we were out. Except to say what we need to say to the clerk helping or the cashier on the way out.

It is about routine, schedules, appointments, deadlines, obligations, bookings, err… where does having fun come in, or just chilling.. we plan for our vacation, then rush to the destination, try to fit in as much as possible in the few days we are there, collect postcards, take photos, and then look for something else to do so that are “holiday” isn’t wasted. busy busy busy

Are you feeling motivated, relaxed, are you having fun right now.. are you rested? Are you doing something you want to do because it makes you happy, pleases you, makes you feel special and content inside and out just because life is ooooh sooo good!

I know there are events taking place all around the city its Canada Day long week-end here and in the States, its the 4th of July. There are a lot of places to go .. there are concerts, there will be huge gatherings .. lots of people… What are you doing to celebrate? (if you celebrate).. celebrate YOU.

It is easy to focus on negatives in life, but it is important to make time to acknowledge, and appreciate the positives. Find gratitude. Explore all the different facets and dimensions of YOU.


social interaction/people skills, is that a lost art?

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  1. Michael Sammut said:

    Well said. Life is short and precious.

    • it sure is… and I want to revise my way of doing things so I can enjoy it as much as I can… waves across the miles..

      • Michael Sammut said:

        Unfortunately it is sad, but many people will not realize before it is too late.

    • that is so true.. interestingly even people who think they know you, wake up one day and realize that they don’t.. and yes.. it is, sad.. however, I have learned with time and experience, that life is what it is.. either someone wants to be with you or they don’t. period.

  2. So well said. Retirement stops the chaotic rush

    • so true Derrick but not everyone can retire, and even when one does, it takes a long time to adjust to the “change” of not having to be at work 5 days a week. Now people are often adrift because there is no clear definition of work time/free time.. waves across the miles.

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