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Thursday Doors

Let’s trip down memory lane. Every door is a story in itself, put it is always part of what we are looking at. See if any of these doors today, tickle your fancy and send you back to another time and place.

For more doors, please visit Thursday Doors .. follow this link https://nofacilities.com/2022/11/03/meeting-in-granby/ it will take you to Dan’s No Facilities site for the weekly feature.

Cheers everyone I love my doors and vintage cars!!!

Comments on: "Thursday Doors" (12)

  1. When I was a young child, my father worked part-time driving a taxi. The building he worked out of was similar to the A-1 Cab. He would sometimes take me with him (instead of hiring a babysitter). I would hang out with him in the office and ride with him when he drove. That’s a very nice memory. Thanks.

  2. Wonderful selection

  3. The car with wooden frame and door is the best!

  4. I love the vintage cars!

    • thank you, over the years I have tracked and taken pictures of so many.. where-ever I could find them I would try to capture their beauty. I’m happy when someone else appreciates their beauty.

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