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Black Friday?

I have been rereading Ishmael -an adventure of the mind and spirit by Daniel Quinn. Reading something that you previously came across YearS ago… makes for interesting observations. The book came out in 1992. Once I started to peruse the book, I remembered how I had reacted to it the first time I came across it. I grew up on Alan Watts, The prophet Kahlil Gibran, and as many books I could find on the Tao. Having a gorilla for a mentor is something new to contemplate now that I am in my “senior” years.

Black Friday is no longer something that happens on one day after a holiday, we have been bombarded with Black Friday sales now for days, weeks even. There is a huge focus on commercialism, spend, spend, buy, buy.

The other book that is on my reading list at the moment is Sophie’s World. This is a novel about the history of philosophy by Jostein Gaarder It was translated and copywritten in 1994 by Paulette Moller, hmmm you say, kinda interesting reading at this tender age… yes… it has given me some food for though BECAUSE I am past my formative years, I have lived many lifetimes now… and I realized as I was reading the pages of these books that my thought process and how I “see” life is pretty much etched into my daily living.

The picture on the right is how I digest, reflect and regroup my thoughts when I am processing my days/nights. The picture on the left with the gorilla is “another time/place” when I was more “open” to the energy and thought process of others/and circumstances.

I can really relate to the ambiance and storyline of Sophie’s world because the writer has her finding her own “secret den” where she can go and process her thoughts. In both books, the characters are looking for answers, they are filled with wonder and are like sponges taking in information and trying to make sense of the world as it is seen by them…

In Canada we had our Thanksgiving in October, yesterday was thanksgiving in the United States, in PL we celebrate and have special service each month on the 21st. It is a time to remember, and express our gratitude for the blessings in our lives, and each 11th of the month we have a service to honour and pay tribute to our ancestors. Because our lives are so closely tied with our neighbours in the States, we spend a lot of time hearing about and seeing what Thanksgiving is in both Canada and the United States.

What dominated the airwaves these past weeks/months has been sports, shopping, politics, and more shopping and sports. AND lets not forget all the hallmark movies and storylines about that special love that is more storybook than anything else that happens from now till after Christmas.

How real do most of us deal with life on a day to day basis.???

Today’s calendar.. ( which I find interesting for Black Friday reading )

Use money and things usefully and enthusiastically. Money and things are materials for self expression. Use them joyfully with appreciation

Perfect Liberty 2022.25

If you have thoughts on this post, please share them with me. Am I too vague? Am I seeing incongruity were there is none.?

Comments on: "Black Friday?" (5)

  1. One thing I’ve noticed being a senior is I am content with less, I don’t ‘want’ much of anything. I relish a quiet life!

  2. I don’t find you vague at all. I look forward to your posts because I learn from you and those others who follow you and comment. I’m at a point in my life where I need more courage day by day. This is a time of reflection for me. I have to say seeing that gorilla was a shocker… LOL Never have known anyone who had a Gorilla for an animal guide. Strength and courage come to mind. Thank you for being here and sharing your life. I’ll look up those books!

  3. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, comment ca va, nous ca vas bien, nous utilisons notre argent avec tact car toute est assez cher, mais on n’à toute ce qu’on n’à besoin* meme nous deux la santé.*

    Joyeux Noel, surtout de la santé Bonne Journée🌹


    • allo la belle Patricia… the weather has been so undecided. one minute cold, the next balmy… I’m glad to hear you are doing well.. Enjoy the days to come in your new home… life is good. HUGS

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