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March 2

Good morning… It isn’t just what you see when you wander the woodlands early in the day… it is what you can hear. The other morning I arrived just as a coyotes were making their way behind these trees. They were just beyond the farthest row of trees… yipping and yelping enjoying the fresh albeit cold morning air. Not long after they passed the blue jays began to call out and give their “go away” “scoot, you are not welcome” cries, then the crows chimed in, it was a free for all in the skies (with vocals)… suddenly we saw what they were screeching at… a huge shadow flew over head… the wing span was wide… it was too high and going at a good speed that meant it was travelling through… how graceful .. and how thrilling to see it soar past. We ( on the ground near the feeders ) were relieved it was heading somewhere and not interested in our little gathering…

The scene on the ground was idyllic, soft white fluffy snow coving the landscape gave everything a peaceful, lazy ambience, but the sounds and activities of the wildlife in and around the visitors area began to pick up again …once the warning and shouts of the bigger birds had subsided. There is a spirit of community between the regulars that share areas where I go. Every day I learn something new,I go every day, around the same time give or take, and always there is something new to appreciate. or something I pick up on that I recognize that I would not have noticed 3 years ago when it all began.

Over the many days/weeks seeing the wildlife, standing in their environment, letting them do what they want to do, just appreciating the space … preferably I am standing still, or sitting… just observing.. they are use to me (most of them) I get to visit with them …up close .. at times they are less than an arms length away from me. It is awesome.

Do things joyfully instead of taking it easy. Enthusiastically engage with what’s in front of you. You’ll enjoy it more

Perfect Liberty 2021.30

Be a messenger of Peace. always think “for the sake of others and society” and express yourself for the happiness of all people.

Perfect Liberty 2022.1

A photographer friend I met years ago in my “woodland journey” said to me… standing still .. in one place.. enables you see so much of the world around you. I agreed, and it is why I find it so important to stand still and simply BE whenever I can. From one spot, you can see and capture (photograph) hundreds of interesting and thought provoking moments.

You hear me say this often… two people standing side by side can be looking in the same direction, and both see something completely different. Add to that. we all interpret what we see in a unique way. what we see will be based on our own knowledge and personal experiences.

PL Precept #15 All is a mirror


Have a sunshine day everyone! Bom dia a todos! Que assim seja .

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