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I lay in bed last night wondering how come the world was such a complex place to navigate. On the radio earlier in the day in the car, I actually turned off the sound, the negativity, the complaining, the dissatisfaction being constantly broadcast out was not entertaining nor was it making my drive a pleasure, it was in fact annoying. With a push of a button, the ambience in the car was a blessing. I was now alone with my own thoughts and the scenery unfolding before me. Reality check, I have that radio station programmed and listen to it willingly.. for news updates and weather … I need not have it on all the time, it is habit to do so. I need to practice “silence” more often.

Why silence, would a better word be quiet. Every day we wake to a new day and new opportunities. It is easier to do the same old thing in the same way, why … because we are used to it. In the last months, even the last year or two, I’ve become aware of how with time I have or had fallen into a routine, and in some ways have unintentionally stopped expanding my inner growth.

“Inner growth” what does that mean. Just words aren’t they. Comes down to ..my comfort zone, what at the end of the day, makes me happy. Ask yourself when was the last time you felt “happy” and filled with “contentment”…

Give you a moment to reflect on that. Cuz only you can answer that, I’m also thinking, that if you are like most … a state of happiness and contentment isn’t how you feel about your day to day. I’m thinking pure contentment, plain old happy, big smile, enjoying the moment whatever it is,

How often have I heard, he/she makes me so spitting angry, or he/she gets on my nerves, he/she did such and such… Hey.. hello… who is he/she she/he…. the only person responsible for your happiness is YOU.

This is Thursday, and you all know I love my Thursday Doors… All week I have had it on my “to do” to drive out to ?? wherever and find a door(s) that will please, or invite more than a passing glance. My back door is a fright. Once way back when I first began to play around with it, I took a picture of it for fun, my husband was horrified that I actually used in it my blog…to him it was a source of.. “thank goodness no one can see it unless they are admitted unto the back veranda (it is an inner door, you have to access another door to get out) That door is old, I’ve painted it, stenciled it, painted it again, not all over, just here and there, it is like an old canvas that I just keep building on.

LOL I actually had comments from fellow door chasers that it was an interesting old door, it was picked out for comment altho’ it was presented with maybe 1/2 doz doors. We are all so different and our reactions to what we “see” will be different on any given day, depending on our “mood” and “headspace” at the time we read the blog ….

So….while I was lying there last night contemplating – noise, doors, happiness, a door came to mind, and I’m going to try to find it to share with you. it was sitting against at the curb, no longer wanted, not in use.. it was waiting.. With the changing of the seasons, from winter to spring to summer, I am in transition, and a bit like the door, I have history, a past, and today, in the now I’m trying to navigate the world around me. Sometimes I realize that as much as so much is the same, there is also a whole new set of “rules” out there and over time the simplicity of “living” has become a juggling act, and the norm is for everyone to be “busy” “busy” “busy”

Can you see the history, the love the past this door had. I can, if you are a story writer, or have a creative imagination, you will love this door. yet .. to the owners, it had pasted its prime and was left on the curb to fend for itself.

For more doors from participants of the Thursday doors event.. visit Dan’s No Facilities site.. https://nofacilities.com/2023/04/13/more-pittsburgh-churches/

You’ll have plenty of doors to pick from… take your pick… today is the day for being brave.. take that step .. walk through a different door to a new opportunity.

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  1. Those really are intriguing doors. Hugs.

  2. Goretti Borges said:

    I absolutely love your door
    It welcomes….kindness, happiness, peace and brings a smile to my face just like you do . It’s definitely your door! ♥️

  3. Wonderful message today, and I love the door. Imagining what stories a door can tell is exactly what our writing challenge in May will be (sorry, I couldn’t resist the promo).

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