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ok OK already!

lion cute

OK…OK… you want to open the door

go ahead

but don’t expect me to look

I’m not gonna

and you can’t make me…


really Lion, it is your choice to look or not

but I want to see

we don’t know who it could be

It is Halloween

cat eating daisy

OH…OHHHHH.. OK already

It’s Sphinx with a flower

bulldog with toy

Bully with his his silly toy

hounds in hats

two hounds in hats

and the silly whippet from next door

let’s just throw open the door

and wish everyone a

happy hallowee

Ok OK already… if you go out,

have fun, be safe

batman doberman

can anyone relate to just how much these two

wanted to dress up….


namaste     –     oyashikiri

it is all about choices…. sometimes, we just don’t get to make em

other times we do…

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