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While shopping the other day, I walked past a sample tray with out a second glance.  It was only after I’d walked down a ways that I realized that what I had seen was a display of dates and peanut butter. Totally taken back by this combination, I went back for a proper look and to talk to the young man who as manning the sample booth.  He informed me that only part of the ingredients were there since the raw pecan halves had not arrived in time for the demonstrations.

The appetizer was to have been stuffed Medjool dates with peanut butter and a piece of pecan .   The dates are cut in half, the pit taken out, and then the half is stuffed with peanut butter and topped with a pecan half.  I guess I had without consciously doing so, made a face.  I just couldn’t picture the taste of date with peanut butter.  The young man smiled and offered me a sample to taste.  Being the polite woman that I am, I took it said thank you and walked away.  Not wanting him to see me when I tasted what I thought would be a disaster.

Surprise, never mind that dates are a source of energy, fibre, magnesium and contain potassium, the combination of date and peanut butter was mouth-watering delicious.  Just thinking about it, makes we want to go and make a couple.

dates, peanut butterI’ve since learned that dates are used in many vegan diets, and the combination of dates and peanut butter is not unusual at all, in fact it is a combination loved by many.  There are a lot of recipes on Pinterest and other sites using that combination. I was the one who was walking around ignorant of this sweet treasure.


A tasty reminder to be aware of what is around you, be open to new possibilities, try something new, expand your horizons, you just never know, what new experience will bring a new “happy” into your world.

Date squares were always one of my favourite desserts, I don’t bake, eventually over the years, the date disappeared from my mind and diet.  Guess what is coming back..   =^_^=

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri


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Hearts & Flowers

6b631c6dead44193b4e5ed4fa31a2d91Pure vintage   we would never see this today, cigarettes are no longer in vogue, but the artist put together a picture showing a couple showing their togetherness, his arm holding hers,  their cigarette tips touching, note that the gesture forms a heart connecting them.  OK OK, I’m allowed some poetic licence. LOL I thought it charming =^_^=

Hearts and Flowers day isn’t just for lovers, it is a day that celebrates caring and love. although over the years the marketing has been more and more about the gifts one gives, or tied to romantic stories, new engagements, marriages, and first dates etc.   I see it more as a day of  love,period. A good friend recently lost one of her parents, which is a time of loss,  she and  her family have chosen to celebrate their loss, by celebrating the parent’s life.  How joyful, to honour the life and the positives this person gave to other during her lifetime.  Love is a blessing in our lives.  the word itself has been so used and misunderstood, but in reality, it is  Lasting ONENESS (with God) and Vibration (energy) that is Endless.  Oyashikiri  

True love is everlasting -Love transcends mortal boundaries…!cid_27_284151414@web160904_mail_bf1_yahoo

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