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bonjour, good morning! buen dia


Do you pray, is a very personal question. As individuals we are all unique and our way of expression, and faith is something that is ours and ours alone.  Or is it?  What is it that we are told growing up, try not to talk about politics, or religion, stay on safe ground.

When we become friends with someone, it is a process that happens over time, some people you may feel an immediate kinship towards, and others, well, let’s say, we have to warm to.  Some we never connect with at all.

With the passing of time, the friends that stay in our lives are the friends that accept the changes that  happen in life and with our personal evolvement.  And of course vice versa. No one stays the same from day-to-day, the changes may be subtle at first, but change we do.


Happiness  happens when we establish goals and work towards achieving them on a daily basis. Living in Perfect Liberty means we pray not only daily but all the time, it is a way of life. We connect with a higher power and do our best to stay connected in all we say and do.  When we can do this every day with true appreciation, we will be filled with a genuine feeling of joy .. this will radiate and envelope those around us.


I believe our faith and good intentions will resonate with the friends we make along the way, some will stay a long time and others will be move on towards their own destiny and purpose.  What is important is that you remain true to yourself.


pic boat,Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

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