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C’est bien dimanche, Alo!

buddha, laughingThe happy Buddha, it is said, you rub his tummy for good luck, prosperity and good fortune.


Words to start the day with.  Thoughts to bring with us through our day.  Some days like yesterday, I just needed to get away.  Not be in a familiar, take to the road, walk in the downtown congested core of the city.  Feel the life all around me, the buskers, vendors, tourists, Saturday shoppers, homeless.  The market was humming. A lone saxophone player stood outside one of the big department stores, his notes, long and soulful as he tried to catch a listener in the bustling and jostling of the hurrying  passers-by.

On the opposite side of the street a young man and woman were playing a duet in front of the Beaver Tail* food truck.  People sat at tables talking and eating,  There is a building full of food booths from all different parts of the world. The sounds of the city on a Saturday afternoon when the sun is out, rain was forecast but hadn’t arrived yet, is a cacophony,  not always one that harmonizes. So why when I wanted a place to meditate and be “away” from my home comfort zone, did I chose to go downtown.


Where I am is not what will produce the ambiance for a good meditation.   The human mind is much like the environment I was in, it is busy, it is always chatting, charting and planning.  Quiet begins from within.  It is MY actions, MY personal desire to want the quiet, that will give me the connection to the “Universe”… I need only sit, close my eyes, and pray/meditate.    The  world goes on around me, but my mind stills, and I am ONE with God/Divine power.  

Alan Watts said -” This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now,  And instead of calling it work, realize it is play”  This is how I like to live.   In my earlier years, I read all of Alan’s books, there is one now that I can’t even tell you its name, but I carried it with me and read it over and over till it was worn thin.  Words are only that words, used properly they are an art form. Granted they help in conversations, in the end, it comes down to one word can have different meanings and intent.  The only connection that is real is the one you have with your Self and God/Tao.


Happiness is not ready made – It comes from your own actions – 

Dalai Lama


Beaver Tails are a  sweet dessert ( fast food), like a flat pancake(donut) layered with sweets,fruit etc.



What colour are you today?

What colour are you today?

What colour is your world today? Have you ever been asked that before. It was a popular question back in the days when I was still working at the hospital. In Psychology colour testing, and rating was the newest topic of discussion. In the world of Fashion, the colours you liked to wear, or leaned to, gave expression to.. are you fall? spring> winter? each season of course had a rainbow of colours that went with them.

Colour symbolism is one of the most universal of types of symbolism and has been consciously used in the liturgy in heraldry, alchemy, art and literature. If you were to make yourself a “talisman” today, what colour would it be? I remember giving an art class one day where the participants decided it would be fun to do a good luck talisman as their challenge of that day, Their first choice was what the object would be, and the second was what colours they wanted to use.

Personally over the years, I have gravitated to “earth” tones, but suddenly I would take a nose dive into the brighter gemstone colours, for some reason, though I love these bright cheerful colours, I prefer to wear more subtle and darker colours. With the aging process, that has fluctuated but only in small degrees. I fell in love with a pair of a capris that were a beautiful jewel tone of amethyst, fit like a dream and are super comfortable. I’ve worn them maybe once, but I won’t pass them on, my hand will linger on them when dressing, but when push comes to shove, the familiar, stand by me, faded jeans, or worn gray win out.
In life, situations and people drift in and out of our daily waking lives, often much like the colour palette we all seem to have in one form or another in our lives, and how we interact, or “see” these “visitors” actually colours are days/nights.

**note to readers ** a glimpse behind the scenes the software of this website, just dropped the last 15 minutes of my visit with you…. I saw shades of black, then red…. sigh.. now I’m back to a neutral zone, since I feel reconnected.  computers, what to do with them.. rhetorical question of course. *** end of insert


Here we go.  I’ve added some colour,  Ahhh… that’s better.. lighter, pastel, muted… still colour.  this is what life is all about isn’t it.  We chose what colour to present ourselves with when we dress, and we “chose” how to respond to situations in our lives.  Some get passionate responses, bright vivid colours… other times, we are accepting, life flows along, when a bump or detour happens, we can be colorful or very dark, depending on the situation.  When we hurt, colours don’t harmonize, they clash.  If we get sick, we can look completely washed out.

Lets start our colour palette with a smile….  that always works…. Be Happy today and always.  Let’s create a rainbow day!


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