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cheating, really?

avocado toast b 5.31.18Good morning everyone…

Remember my discovery of Avocado on toast, it was wonderful.  Now I cheat, I buy the prepared avocado at Costco and use it on my toast.  Why!  well, because… I found that I would purchase fresh avocados from the grocery store, and then either they would not be ripe enough, I left them too long and yuck.  I decided on the lazy way.  I saw the packaged avocado dip/spread, looked at the ingredients.. and just like that it was in my basket.   Sigh…When there is a will there is a way!

I learned to live   (Aprendi a viver)

To practice every day  (pra gente pracicar)

To solve many problems,     (resolver nossos problemas)

To progress and improve   (proredir e melhorar)

And so can you…. we need only to look at what we want, then  look at how to resolve what we want so that we can enjoy  =^_^=

It is not cheating, it is achieving… an end result that works for YOU.

We are all unique, and how we go about looking after ourselves, well… there is always a way !!!



Thursday Doors 5.25.17



The place haunts me, I want to go back, I want to get inside, I want to know what happened, why it is all boarded and shut down.  Will I ever know.  Can you feel how magical this place is.  Am I the only one.  There was once a lovely garden all around, with walking paths.  And now.  except for the birds and little critters, it stands alone against the weather and time.

I will go back……………….. I really want to know.  Sometimes we just have to wait.

PL Precept. # 12  Everything has a way according to its name.

PL Precept # 7  Everything exists in Relativity






buen dia, buongiorno, a good day to YOU

Good morning dear friends, I found a quote today, that I am going to post the way I found it, and then make a few changes to it. Smiles I hope you enjoy it.

Can’t do it, I’ll have to retype it for you…….  Yay it worked.  See persevere and you will get results!  Ah life is good!!!



So here goes, for me this says..

  It has little to do with the position I have in life 

or the title that is given me (status)

whether or not I have fame or fortune

but everything to do with

the Dream in my heart

and my sincerity and desire  with in me

to give everything I have

to being the best person I can in this life.

sunshine and flowers

Namaste         Oyashikiri

PL Principle 1   I will live paying careful attention,putting Makoto (sincerity) into all I say and do.

PL Precept # 2   To live is to Express One’s Self

C’est bien dimanche, Alo!

buddha, laughingThe happy Buddha, it is said, you rub his tummy for good luck, prosperity and good fortune.


Words to start the day with.  Thoughts to bring with us through our day.  Some days like yesterday, I just needed to get away.  Not be in a familiar, take to the road, walk in the downtown congested core of the city.  Feel the life all around me, the buskers, vendors, tourists, Saturday shoppers, homeless.  The market was humming. A lone saxophone player stood outside one of the big department stores, his notes, long and soulful as he tried to catch a listener in the bustling and jostling of the hurrying  passers-by.

On the opposite side of the street a young man and woman were playing a duet in front of the Beaver Tail* food truck.  People sat at tables talking and eating,  There is a building full of food booths from all different parts of the world. The sounds of the city on a Saturday afternoon when the sun is out, rain was forecast but hadn’t arrived yet, is a cacophony,  not always one that harmonizes. So why when I wanted a place to meditate and be “away” from my home comfort zone, did I chose to go downtown.


Where I am is not what will produce the ambiance for a good meditation.   The human mind is much like the environment I was in, it is busy, it is always chatting, charting and planning.  Quiet begins from within.  It is MY actions, MY personal desire to want the quiet, that will give me the connection to the “Universe”… I need only sit, close my eyes, and pray/meditate.    The  world goes on around me, but my mind stills, and I am ONE with God/Divine power.  

Alan Watts said -” This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now,  And instead of calling it work, realize it is play”  This is how I like to live.   In my earlier years, I read all of Alan’s books, there is one now that I can’t even tell you its name, but I carried it with me and read it over and over till it was worn thin.  Words are only that words, used properly they are an art form. Granted they help in conversations, in the end, it comes down to one word can have different meanings and intent.  The only connection that is real is the one you have with your Self and God/Tao.


Happiness is not ready made – It comes from your own actions – 

Dalai Lama


Beaver Tails are a  sweet dessert ( fast food), like a flat pancake(donut) layered with sweets,fruit etc.


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