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Help I need help

If you heard those words, what would you do?  I watched in utter amazement the other day while a small clip played out for me on my screen.

His words in the first part of the clip, are in French, and he is asking for help.

For those of you following me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve seen this already, but to me it is a message that bears repeating.We are all unique, different, we all make choices that have us looking and acting differently from our neighbours.  No matter, what we must all remember is that for all our differences, we are all the same.  the key to having harmonious relationships with people around us is acceptance.


It takes all many different pieces, of different sizes and shapes, to make an instrument that produces  mellow sound that we know and love.. So in life, does it require the many varieties, shapes and sizes of human beings with different ideas and philosophies to blend and harmonize the world.

Blessings be……   Oyashikiri


Spiraling out of control


Have you ever had the feeling that you were spiraling out of control. That even though you were standing still, life was just whirling past far too quickly
We live in a world that is rapidly changing ..
We get used to certain constants in our lives, and then, one day you wake up, look around, and life is not really the same at all.
How do we continue to keep up and evolve with the different trends of society, do we really need to continually strive to broaden our horizon.

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

One of the aspects of being a member of PL is that PL responds to problems in our daily lives, by offering personal consultations. I treasure this opportunity to have one on one with the minister. The Minister(s) is/are always there for private consultations. WE, each and every one of us, travels at our own pace. Having the ability to touch base personally regarding the various stages and phases of our spiritual life journey is one of the “unique” services provided by church.

PL offers Personal guidance, to help us keep in tune with the Times. You can receive consultation from a PL minister for any kind of problems or situations. You receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation.  Each one of us has our own unique personality and life style.  Therefore, it is different for each individual how they would practice the true way, or how they would seek happiness.

Happiness is built by establishing wishes and goals, and then working towards achieving them in your daily life.

Oshieoya-sama has put his Shikiri prayer into PL Consultations. – PL ministers and Hokyoshi are sworn to confidentiality, If something is not right in your life and you are not happy, or you are not enthusiastic about something, feel free to ask your minister or Hokyoshi (assistant Minister) for a PL consultation.  The church is here for YOU.

photo-SL virtual art -Q

photo -PL prayer symbol  (Aramitma) courtesy Ana in Spain


Perfect LIberty


I’ll have to go back and take another picture now that the snow is all gone.  The grass is green and the flowers have begun to bloom.  Although this shows the building itself, the welcoming entrance.  The love and community in this building gives it a life of its own, always one feels welcome when visiting the church of Perfect Liberty.

I’ve been silent for some time now.  No one reason, just that I’ve been busy living day to day, moment to moment.  When one focuses on “Being in the Moment”  days are full, satisfying and rewarding.  I have written a number of introductions to PL for a magazine we have here in Ottawa called Tone.  It is my hope that in so doing, there will be others who read the words and thoughts and want to come and explore what PL is all about..

“PL’s teachings are practical and common sense.  They are the sort of things you will read in positive thinking and self help books, or hear in motivational speeches.  The difference is that the members are assisted in practicing them in everyday life through discussions,consultations and prayer”  borrowed from my article in the May issue. =^_^=

I have found that committing myself to being a member of the church has made a difference in my life.  I was happy before, now I’m even happier. Oshieoya-sama has said that PL can help unhappy people become happy and happy people become even happier.  I believe.  The website for the Church of Perfect Liberty in Ottawa is http://www.perfectliberty.ca   There are PL churches in parts of the States and in Canada.  The Motherland is in Japan, with a second Mother land in Brazil.

Those of you who follow my travels and ramblings know that I am a member of the Second Life community and have spent many years enjoying various communities within SL.  I’ve especially enjoyed building, traveling and exploring the virtual world.  Most recently blogging for the fashionista and divas in SL on Fashion, Lifestyles etc. with my blog http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com

Now, Q ( Qyhat Harbour) who has spent the last many years as a Tiny is going to open up her home to those wanting to know more about the Church of Perfect Liberty.  I so believe that the teachings of Perfect Liberty can make profound changes in a person’s life.I want to share with anyone who wants to learn.  Virtual world is a beginning, once one has been introduced to the simplicity of its teachings and is ready to move on, there are churches and groups for them to meet and explore in RL.  Anyone wanting to find out how, and where, need simply contact me or check out the website.  This is your limo to the   “house” of Perfect Liberty    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Greenberry/228/56/35


PL thought for today – Just Be Yourself – relax and express  yourself freely without hesitation. This will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

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