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Thursday Doors -Japan


I showed you this door a couple of posts back.  If someone hadn’t told me, I would never have guessed that behind that door was a sauna.  A good size one too. The doors in Japan. in the Japanese hotels, not the tourist ones, but the hotels where Japanese stay when traveling, are not very high.   I found everything to be cozy. But then I am 5’3″.  =^_^=


The faucet you see on the sink, swivels to fill the very deep tub. Once you are washed and cleaned, you can then fill the tub and enjoy a hot to your liking soak.  Western style toilets, often have heated seats, and on the arm you see there, are the buttons, to activate the various functions performed by the “toilet”   Most hotels provide you with shampoo, body wash, and conditioner.  I have only ever stayed in the Japanese hotels, so cannot comment on the “tourist” accommodations.

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