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club challenge

Once upon a time2

Good morning everyone…

A couple of weeks back I was reminded that the club challenge, or “theme” this year was Once Upon a Time.  As you all know I am rather occupied these days, getting to know first hand living with cancer in my LIFE.  However, the idea was one that stuck with me for a for a few days,  & I found that I was gathering up “pieces”  in my “studio”.

In PL you know there is Precept, # 19, BEGIN ONCE YOU PERCEIVE

I reflected on how once the bathroom was a very “NEW” concept in a lot of homes.  there was a time when people used an “out house”  Some were very primitive, but they were a place where one could have privacy when needed.

When people could afford the indoor plumbing, it was often something that had to be fit into an existing home.  Reinvention of space, closets were repurposed, or a larger room if the family could afford to do so was partitioned for the new plumbing.

Toilet, sink, was for the most part what went in, some homes could accommodate a bath tub, but not often,  Families of 4,5,6 even more, lived in small 1 and 2 bedroom flats. The war-time houses were usually small two,three bedroom bungalows. Kitchen, living room, small bathroom and  two bedrooms.

The bathroom was really the only room where when you went in, you were alone, at least for a short time.

Then came the telephone, it was only available here and there, when you got one in your home, it was attached to a wall, or smack in the living room.. no such thing as  much privacy,.  Then the extensions came along, and you could put a phone in another room, the younger generation would try to pull the cord into the bathroom so they could have   conversations with their friends without being overheard by siblings and/or adults

Dad got to read his newspaper in quiet, till the room was needed by someone else. Once upon a time the bathroom was a very “special” place.  Now in modern homes, in today’s society, everyone wants their own bathroom, and guess what,  it is only used for “immediate” needs (like the outhouses of old) and vacated.  Usually the bathrooms are cold, efficient, sterile and lacking in any “family” character or warmth.  They are functional!

Thus my contribution to “Once Upon a Time” was conceived and put into a visual expression.

Life is ever changing, roll with the changes, all while trying to retain the art of  “caring” (sharing)


PL Precept #1   Life is Art


* photo doesn’t show it well, but on the small table is a black rotary dial telephone.

*minatures, or original pieces using “apoxie sculp”t and “paperclay”

Thursday Doors -Japan


I showed you this door a couple of posts back.  If someone hadn’t told me, I would never have guessed that behind that door was a sauna.  A good size one too. The doors in Japan. in the Japanese hotels, not the tourist ones, but the hotels where Japanese stay when traveling, are not very high.   I found everything to be cozy. But then I am 5’3″.  =^_^=


The faucet you see on the sink, swivels to fill the very deep tub. Once you are washed and cleaned, you can then fill the tub and enjoy a hot to your liking soak.  Western style toilets, often have heated seats, and on the arm you see there, are the buttons, to activate the various functions performed by the “toilet”   Most hotels provide you with shampoo, body wash, and conditioner.  I have only ever stayed in the Japanese hotels, so cannot comment on the “tourist” accommodations.

Pics_For_Q (5)




Thursday Doors #2


a door can be many things

when it is no longer on hinges

it is still a door

whether inside

or outside that door

we really  never know

what we will find

doors are gateways

whether coming in

or going out

never under-estimate

a door

they are  g r e a t

in any size

shape or form



picture /text Q

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