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Wordless Wednesday 2.7.th.

breakfast 2.1.18a

shrimp dim sum

fried dace with salted black beans

PL Calendar # 7

Don’t strain, don’t rush and don’t be greedy instead relax and enjoy the process,




Make up your mind

Make up your mind

Once you do so, things will begin to happen.
Once you decide “I’m going to do it!” Do it you will. Your
enthusiasm and strength of conviction will ignite the energy around you. Your sincerity will be felt, God will give you aid when you need it the most…
Learning is a life long process….
Now get out there and share your smile with the world.

May your day be blessed with radiant rays of Happiness!

photo location – Second Life, avatar art by Q


Celebration of Life (yaya)

Celebration of Life (yaya)

I’ve just come from a memorial for a dear friend, we were so many that many of us had to stand and listen from another room.One friend was there from California, another from Sweden, it is sad in a way that it is the passing of a friend that brings us all together.
Yaya was a loving energy that made everyone she interacted with feel special. IF she could help she would, and always, she was positive and encouraging. She embodied the teachings of PL. She lived them naturally.
Her energy and selfless giving was tireless. No one except her very closest of friends, knew just how sick she was or how often she battled physical discomforts.

RIP YaYa you will be forever in our hearts

In PL we say, artistic expressions are what makes our lives  a work of art. YaYa was a work of art to be celebrated!

Take Care of things One by One as They Come. day 14

Take Care of Things One by One as They Come.  It is the best timing to do something as soon as you notice it.  Take action right away without hesitation.

Perfect Liberty teaching for day 14.

Page 35 PL Member’s Guide.> “Each one of us has our own unique personality and lifestyle.  Therefore, it is different for each individual how they would practice the true way, or how they would seek happiness.”

Page 23 PL Member’s Guide.>” Life is full of accumulations of small moments.  If we go through life with the illusion that only big, important things need our attention, we are missing opportunities to notice other things in which we should be paying closer attention.  Your life is your very own unique work of art.”

Take care of Things One by One as They Come.


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