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mushrooms & greens


Wind chill factor of -24 degrees, time to burrow in with a hot bowl of veggies and mushrooms. Nothing too fancy, just something hot and steamy to warm up the insides.  Later I can have some rice and Chinese sausage (steam cooked on the rice while it is cooking).

Notice that I finally succeeded in getting my mushrooms to brown just like they do in those cooking shows.  I was pumped about that.  The greens are called broccoli, but it goes by another name of rappini.  This batch I found the stems to be a little chewy, otherwise they were delicious tasting.

Today’s temperature this morning was -11 not counting the chill factor.


Mushrooms are a spore producing a fungal growth that many of us are very fond of in our food.  At one time some of the mushrooms now commonly found in Asian grocery stores could only be had by purchasing them in dried form.  Bringing them home and soaking them prior to  preparing them in a meal.  Now we can obtain some of the fresh, interestingly I find them not as appealing fresh, they lack the taste I’ve grown accustomed to.

Life .. is like that… we get used to something, and when there is a change, sometimes for the better, the adjustment on our part is not an easy transition.  What is important is that we make the effort and give it a try

Today’s PL lesson >> Don’t let yourself think “it’s too hard…Just give it a try..

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