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baked egg roll/spring roll




Baked egg rolls using spring roll skins.  Why because we couldn’t find egg roll skins

lean beef – 1  lb

napa greens cut into thin slices ( use cabbage if you prefer)

yellow or white onion also cut into thin slices

garlic to taste

I used two types, minced and the garlic leek stems

season with garlic and black bean sauce to taste

I used steamed broccoli because I had it, and I like the extra greens.

if you like spice, you can add  sriracha

simmer till cooked

drain well, set aside to cool

IMG_1557 (2)

roll and lay out on a lightly greased pan

bake @ 350, check it to ensure they don’t brown too quickly

a slow bake makes them crunchy ( approx. 20 min.)

I did turn them once, then put them back in for another 5 minutes


not eaten with a sweet sauce

prefer ginger and soya

sriracha mayo is good too

keep it light and enjoy

PL Precept #1    Life is Art


Garlic Anchovy Salad Dressing

What is for breakfast ?   Good morning everyone!  I’m going to try once more to show you the first salad that tempted me. For some reason, WP (Word Press) and I were not in sync when I wanted to post this. So here goes..

Heirloom Tomatoe Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette

It worked! good.  This recipe was found on foodandwine.com   I am going to add hard boiled eggs, after all it will be breakfast.  =^_^=  I meant to only use this one picture of food, but when I saw all the wonderful ideas using anchovies, I wanted to share them.  I do recognize that there are a lot of people who do not enjoy anchovies but then, vive la difference!

Today the meditation was about beginning each new day with a renewed sense of appreciation.  I looked at my desk and found a package from the anchovies I brought back from my trip to the States the other day.  Hmm yum, anchovies with capers in pure olive oil, usually I get the little fillets and use them to season my cooking and for a special treat I will do them with cloves of fresh garlic and toss that over pasta with hot chilies …(see recipe below)  That got my morning thoughts interested in satisfying my taste bud.  I did my best to ignore Canaille’s big brown eyes looking up at me expectantly, (Canaille is our Porti, Portuguese Water Dog) it didn’t work, mindful of her empty tummy I couldn’t very well keep teasing mine with the sight and possibility of food, and not respond to my ‘baby”. so rest easy, I took time to feed the dogs.

Such is life isn’t it, we start out with good intentions, but often our thoughts are diverted, or our attention, and we need to pause and do something else. But with a purpose, if we are dedicated to the task at hand, we finish what we started, we return to our project and we  pick up where we left off.  The key to achieving something is to stick to it.   Don’t give up! Keep at it until you’ve accomplished what you started.

Now, I’ve posted some goodies for you to enjoy, maybe you’ll be tempted too.  For now, I bid you a good day, I’m off to start my day, and decide just what I will delight my taste buds with on this beautiful sunny Sunday!      Blessings all..                       Oyashikiri


Tomatoes with Anchovy Dressing    Found on Martha Stewart.com   -Martha is one of my favourite people – she is a survivor!

Gluten free • Paleo • Serves 4
Martha Stewart         Tomatoes with Anchovy Dressing – Martha Stewart Recipes This looks dangerously good–I could eat this entire recipe easily.


Grilled Potato Salad for lunch or dinner hmmmm…  Grill Yukon gold potato halves and combine with a mixture of tomatoes, capers, oregano, olives, and anchovies for a Mediterranean-style potato side dish. (taken from Pinterest this morning)



This dear readers is one of my all time favourite comfort dishes. Garlic Anchovy pasta. I’ve been making it for years.  I found a recipe this morning while browsing the photo credit was to Helen Rosner.  I copied the receipt since if you want to try and do it, it will be helpful, I myself just wing it according to my wants and taste buds at that moment.  I do use the hot chillies…yum       Yup this will be a for sure later today!!!  I know I know, it will be a serving for one, you’ll get something else. (Hubby does not like anchovies) =^_^=

mushrooms & greens


Wind chill factor of -24 degrees, time to burrow in with a hot bowl of veggies and mushrooms. Nothing too fancy, just something hot and steamy to warm up the insides.  Later I can have some rice and Chinese sausage (steam cooked on the rice while it is cooking).

Notice that I finally succeeded in getting my mushrooms to brown just like they do in those cooking shows.  I was pumped about that.  The greens are called broccoli, but it goes by another name of rappini.  This batch I found the stems to be a little chewy, otherwise they were delicious tasting.

Today’s temperature this morning was -11 not counting the chill factor.


Mushrooms are a spore producing a fungal growth that many of us are very fond of in our food.  At one time some of the mushrooms now commonly found in Asian grocery stores could only be had by purchasing them in dried form.  Bringing them home and soaking them prior to  preparing them in a meal.  Now we can obtain some of the fresh, interestingly I find them not as appealing fresh, they lack the taste I’ve grown accustomed to.

Life .. is like that… we get used to something, and when there is a change, sometimes for the better, the adjustment on our part is not an easy transition.  What is important is that we make the effort and give it a try

Today’s PL lesson >> Don’t let yourself think “it’s too hard…Just give it a try..


Carrot meat loaf

Carrot meat loaf

Thanks to a goof on my part, tonight we got to enjoy a yummy carrot meat loaf.  It looked so good in the roasting pan, I didn’t want to cut into it till I took a photo. =^_^=

photo (14)Yes it was good, it was delicious.  I didn’t set out to make a carrot meat loaf, my intent when I started in the kitchen was to make carrot juice. Yup I bunged up the carrot juice.. I used a blender, duh, so of course, I ended up with a lot of carrot fiber, and water that had a carrot taste.  I’d added a good dose of shredded ginger to the concoction   What to do.  I grew up hearing “waste not, want not”  I decided to use the 3/4 pound of lean ground beef we had and fresh veggies and roast the lot.  Creative thinking is my specialty =^_^=

Drained the “carrot juice” put the liquid aside and the fiber in a second bowl. (drank the liquid on its own, and used some in the loaf for added moisture.

In a big mixing bowl, I cut and sliced, 3 zucchini, more carrot, 1 good size stalk of  leek, finely sliced… & 1 medium potato….smashed up 4 good buds of garlic and tossed everything together. I found left over rice in the fridge, tossed that in too.  Soy (low sodium) and a dash of fish sauce (anchovies)

Added 1 cup of Panko bread crumbs and 1 egg, kneaded the mix till it was light and fluffy then poured it into a big roasting pan.  Patted it down nice and firm, the added slices of another zucchini arranged across the mixture. cubed and diced a large tomato and tossed it over the zucchini. Then to sweeten the taste I added handfuls of  3 types of cheese that were already shredded to form a light layer over the veggies.  I noticed I had a handful of sliced celery in the fridge so I sprinkled that on too. I like food to be visually appealing too.

Into the oven it went for an hour at 325- 350 degrees F.    WE had some very cold weather last night, so when it was done, I simply turned off the little oven and left the loaf there to cool and refrigerate till we were ready to eat today..   Supper time  I brought the pan in, sliced a piece of loaf and served it with  mixed green veggies, a red baked potato, and some Farm Boy slaw. (Farm Boy is a specialty fresh vegetable, meat and fruit shop we have here in Ottawa)  mixture of fresh greens were steamed, no salt, condiments or butter. The potato did get a dollop of butter.

This was a very high fiber rich meal. =^_^=,  we have enough left over (freezer) for a couple of meals.

Bon appetit!         nb* the spices you want to use are up to you, these ingredients will harmonize with practically anything.  Had I had mushrooms                                                       on hand, you can be assured I’d have used them.




Thanksgiving is every 21st of the month for those of us who follow the Perfect Liberty calendar/philosophy.  A day we come together in prayer and community to formally give thanks for the people around us and the things provided to us by Mother Nature.  It is a time to renew our intention of beginning each new day with appreciation, and to step forward with a feeling of World Peace in our heart.

To begin my day today, I used up the left over mashed potatoes and designer carrots  by making a veggie ball with them, this gave me the protein since a scrambled egg was used to hold the ball together. =^_^=  I accompanied the ball with diced fresh tomato and red pepper, and for added colour a few flowers of broccoli.  No additional condiments were used.

photo (13)YUM YUM YUM… love my veggies.

Service is at 7 pm this evening.  See you then.       smilePencil


Food for the spirit

Food for the spirit

We make sure we feed our stomachs are we as focused and dedicated to maintaining the nourishment of our “spirits”. How often do we make time for a good sit down visit with God/Universe. we would not think of leaving the house or starting our day without a shower and brushing our teeth. Yet we are quick to rush out of the house to go about our daily activities without making sure our mental and spiritual needs are met and in good health.
Prayer and meditation are very important in mental and spiritual well being.
Times should be set aside every day for a personal tune up. Whether it is 5, 10 , or 15/20 minutes a day.  We take care of our bodies, we have our heart rates checked, blood pressure, and teeth tended to on a regular basis yet procrastinate or simply neglect  the  most important connection in living a balanced life, our mental health & spiritual wellness.

PL offers us a unique way to stay tuned to our spiritual wellness requirements. through personal one on one consultations with a PL minister you can work together with the minister, to help you  maneuver  through your life’s journey and all its intricacies,

WE each and every one of us is “special”, and live a “unique to us” lifestyle, therefore, we all have to find the right way and schedule to  find the way that works for us.  If you are not sure, or want to consult with  someone, please contact us.  Perfect Liberty is International, contact me if you need specific information/referral.  Use the comment part of this blog, I will respond to you (usually within 48 hours, if not much sooner)

The vegetable you see above, is a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli in taste.  I steamed mine, then seasoned it with garlic butter and pepper.  don;t overdo the butter, you need only a little drizzle it over the flowers, let it sit for about 3 minutes and delight in the taste.  I steam the veggie just enough to soften it a wee bit.  Remember I love my crunch.  Last night I served it with a shrimp and leek dumplings that were dipped in  Sriracha hot chili sauce (dr Oz approved sauce!)  I’ll be honest with you, I can’t remember why he was advising it as a good condiment to have and use, I use it because I really LIKE it.  I will use it with almost anything when I want that “punch” or “zing” to whatever it is I’m eating.  5 calories per serving (1 tsp)

photo (13)

Take care of all of you.  Eat your veggies and keep your meats lean.  Seeing this temping hot chili sauce. might cook up a batch of dry garlic giblets for snacking on at lunch time.  Can eat them with a bowl of steamed bok choy and slices of raw white radish.  Oh slow down girl, you’ve just had your breakfast…

Sending love and hugs your way.. with lots of Blessings!

photos -Q

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