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postscript moment

While out driving yesterday, I did miles and miles of back roads. Went thru, small little villages (what is left of them) and a lot of farm land. It wasn’t till late last night that it dawned on me what had been surreal about my morning drive. I saw lots of pretty countryside. The area I was in, was rich in agriculture, so lots of barns, big silos, and other buildings one sees on a farm these days.

Manicured and trimmed lawns and hedges.. Farm houses were all modern or newly painted, everything was picture perfect. Here is the BUT… it was all sterile. No animals, no people out working the fields, no children playing, no pets in the yard.. Zip.

One of the joys of motorcycle touring, is the fresh air, and the wonderful smells of the countryside as you rode over hills and down into the valleys. You could smell the farms, hear and see the animals in the fields and yards. It was a beautiful day, I passed many many touring groups.. all on their touring bikes, dressed up in the gear worn today.. with head sets to communicate back and forth and / or listen to music. Bah Humbug!!

I guess I will have to drive further afield.. even then, is there such a thing as a barnyard with livestock these days? Do children still play outdoors? I tell you honestly, no clothing on the line, not even people sitting on those wonderful wrap around porches. We are talking Saturday mid to late morning and early afternoon.

end of post script.

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