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Time and forever


Time was

when you were strong and vibrant

Now, you sit in decay

sunshine or rain, no one will visit you today

stripped bare of your dignity and purpose

still you stand proud and tall

for come what may

you know you have done it all

Mother Nature still comes to you

her flock never fail to  take refuge

in the recess and protection of your walls

Time is so fleeting,

a life can happen in a minute

and be gone just as quickly

Only man measures time mechanically

in reality

our existence is a fantasy of mind

for when our bodies sleep

where does the mind go to play

it travels to forever

where there is no time

night and day

light and dark

one without the other

cannot be


time was and time is

so now has to be



Is love forever

yes when it is freely given

and unconditional

love is always and forever…..

Namaste     …    Oyashikiri

** photo, Art’s page, Facebook

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