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hot dogs

WOW and wow again.. Good morning everyone, here it is a few days before the big day.. everyone is having a family get together soon, has had one or is planning one.  Last night at church we had our monthly Thanksgiving service.  After service on the 21st, tradition has it that we have Japanese Curry on rice..  We get two different choices, mild and spicy along with a green salad.. and yes there is always a dessert, members bring in goodies too.    Last night it was a big honking apple pie from Costco that was front and centre for those with a sweet tooth.

On our way home I turned to my friend Eartha and said ” I could go for a hot dog right now”.  I really really meant it, I’d had hot dogs on my mind since the other dat,  Not any hot dog, but the big ones we get from Costco, steamed.  It is the closest to the Montreal dog that I drool over.   I’ve learned to eat it  bare.  No condiments.  Why, cuz they don’t always have them out, and because it is messy if you are going to be eating it in your car..BEFORE you drive out of the lot.

Obviously we did not stop for hot dogs.. it was late and time to get home.  But the thought has not gone away, because in doing my research for the blog… look at what I found… No there is no point in my going out and buying hot dogs and buns.. that is not how it works with a craving…  The best part of eating an “all dressed” hot dog, is to go and get one from a vendor who knows how to dish them out.  Do you agree?

Everyone has their own specialty.  Something they do well.  I accept that making a good hot dog is not one of mine.

In PL we have a Precept … Precept #13 – There is a Way for Men and a Way for Women.  I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the wording, and I’ve had many a discussion about this with various ministers and officials of the church..  I am of course limited due to the fact that this ministry is out of Japan, and few of the  ministers, I myself can dialogue with, speak with a good command of the English language.  I do not speak Japanese.

So to me, and this is MY take on it after years of study and being with PL.  we men and women are like the hot dog,  we come in one shape (human) the  shapes and sizes differ, but we  all hot dogs.  And then depending on where we live and the customs and beliefs we are adorned with as we journey along.  We appear to be other than what we actually are. (in this missive, hot dogs =^_^=) human beings.

We, each and every one of us, may take a different path, or use different condiments to enjoy our hot dog, in the end, we are satisfying a craving, an urge, a desire….. What is different is how we want our hot dogs, our choices are what we decide to do with the hot dog…. and in the end, the choice we made, was it a good one?

Oh my, won’t you be happy when I find myself hot dog and move on……  cravings !!!!

hot dog with cheese


Have a super happy day everyone!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

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