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Letting Go of Your Ego  Will Make you a Stronger Person

“If you are always caught up with power,status or appearances, you will have a hard time accomplishing anything of worth.  Let go and express yourself fully”

How easy it is to fall into the “ego trap”.  We are busy living our lives, tripping through life, when suddenly we are pulled up short by the boot straps, “how on earth did this happen” you’ve walked into a wall, or fallen into a pothole.  That is because somewhere along the way, we began to  believe in or fall into one of the “roles” we seem to be delegated to in life.  Not all the roles we find ourselves in are delegated, some are of our own making.  An ego can be like our very own personal nemesis.  In the church teachings, we learn to “see” and receive help to “let go”

I greet you with love in my heart, and wrap you in a heart felt hug. =^_^=

Blessings be…

“Letting Go of Your Ego Will Make you a Stronger Person”


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