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IrelandActions and reactions in the physical arena set energy into motion, forming experiences, revealing in the process lessons that the we are given to learn in life.  When we   do something that creates discord in another person, we, ourselves, will feel the discord.  On the other hand, if our actions create harmony and empowerment in another, the reflection will be one that gives back mutual awareness.   This awareness helps us learn to be more creatively responsible in our actions.  Behaviour and values are often shaped by perceptions that lack reverence.  Reverence, or to revere,  is to respect and or have a deep admiration for…….

It struck me while watching the news the other day that I saw no sign anywhere of reverence in what I was hearing and seeing. What wasn’t negative and fraught with anger and discord, was entertainment of sorts or meaningless gossip and inane prattle.  Our behavior and values are so much shaped by perceptions that lack reverence that we (I believe) no longer know what it is like to be reverent. When we  take issue, and put down  the competition, or strive to dis-empower another person, or country, we have removed reverence from our thought process.  It is one word with a huge impact on how we act,feel and progress through life.  Reverence ……….. what does it mean to you……. is it part of your life…your thought process?

Colorado by Mike BerensonColorado by Mike Berenson

Reverence is an attitude of honouring life.

Happy Monday everyone! – where ever you are, what ever the day holds for you, Nature is all around you, always and forever…….Blessings   ….  Oyashikiri


top picture was taken in Ireland – Pinterest

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