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Optical illusion ,movement when there is none, solid materials given a feeling of  activity….the photographer’s composition was such that my first thought was not that they were stairs at all, but of the spiraling movement towards a destination.  A spine, a vertebra, a vortex.  What do you see?  each and everyone of us, will react to this presentation in a different way, that is what is so unique about being a human being. In our maturing process we have different experiences, the input from family, friends, co-workers all shape how we “see” the world how we react, and what we do about the challenges presented to us.



After my initial..wow.. and I’d enjoyed the picture for the “art” that it is… my mind began to wonder what it must be like to walk up or down those stairs.  Let me tell you, my first thought… for me… would be instant vertigo.  It is one thing for me to admire the beauty of the captured moment, it is another for me to imagine being on those stairs.  That said, if I was looking at those steps from a different angle .. seeing them from my own perspective, it is very likely that I would race you up the stairs and laugh with joy when I reached the top claiming the prize of achievement!  Who can resist a bright cheerful red staircase that leads to a new adventure or sight that will boggle the mind.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …………………………Life is what we make it……………….Oyashikiri


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Comments on: "Konnichiwa – Good day everyone!" (2)

  1. Good morning world. One of the joys of life is that no two people experience the same moment in exactly the same way. Our unique perspective adds richness to our lives.
    Thanks Q.

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