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balance - photo by Emba As

Balance is the order of the  day – activity –  as shown in this first picture that  I discovered on a Google plus site (Emba As).  I meant to land and  retrieve the picture, however he has some other amazing shots that if you have time to visit, check them out.  So I enjoyed an interlude of soaking up the ambience found on his site.   The daring, the confidence, and the faith of these riders, to me is mind boggling. but then I am not a cyclist.  =^_^= It must be an exhilarating feeling!

Italy,Venicem by the canal by Neil Cherry on FivehundredpxBalance after activity is rest.  What a wonderful location to enjoy a relaxing time with friends, or alone just taking in the view and atmosphere of the place.  ( By the Canal was taken by Neil Cherry, and found on Fivehundredpx)  There are wonderful cafe’s and outdoor patio’s almost  anywhere now,  often found on busy city streets, and crowded shopping  districts,I rather liked the quiet feeling that being by the water would bring.  Somehow I picture that the boats would drift by adding to the charm of the moment.

And yes, I did mean that Friday the 13th is a lucky day… I’m not alone, I also know that there are many who have a dread of the day …I accept that the world is filled with differences, that is what makes us all unique.  Good things happen every day when you live looking for the positives in life.

Make today, your day..smile. smiles are healthy for the body, mind and spirit.


** By the Canal, Venice Italy posted by Shannon Frick Pinterest


Comments on: "Friday 13th! a good luck day!" (1)

  1. I don’t mind heights but that is one path I’d likely prefer to walk, not cycle. lol
    Every day is a good day regardless of number IMHO. Thanks Q.

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