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FI fell in love……once……..

and then by chance,

it happened again…….

each time i thought, this is forever……

how silly, how young, how unprepared

for the passion of erotic bliss

there is a difference

you do know this….. of course you do

there is lust and there is sex

but when young what do you expect

true love comes from within

lasting love is a gift….

it begins with knowing how to care

really care for the goddess/god within

Once….. you have tasted and known such love

there really can be no other

the giving of one’s self, is not a solitary action…

In nature, there is a force that builds from within

how it is released is known only by the force that holds the key

volcano,Mt. Helen erupts

once, I recognized that love was not

a physical connection

that spiritual makoto (sincerity) was the main ingredient

the once, became forever


no matter the conditions, no matter what is on the surface

the eternal flame lives within

once fanned, it will grow and flow

Hawaii, National Park, by Greg Vaughn

oh yes, false and fake eruptions can be reproduced

apple erupt

man-made, they won’t last, there is a lot of fizzle and then poof, its gone

when you truly allow Nature to erupt in all its glory

the moment will live/love on..  history has been made


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

France, Monet gardens

daiymail.co.uk,Mount Etna

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull volcano

Hawaii volcano, photo by Greg Vaughn

science for kids




Some days we climb the stairs to our destination

without a thought or glance

at the world that surrounds us

we hurry, we let our thoughts race ahead

never stopping our chattering mind

till our tired head hits the bed


we compartmentalize our days

storing memories away

to maybe revisit on another day


Time does get away from us

and soon the memories

lie like dust on all that was

and we are left wondering

how so many years were squandered

because we didn’t take the time


to cultivate and look after our core

we always wanted more

yet that never satisfied the need

for what we sought

we already owned

it is never too late

to rediscover our faith


we are all ONE

life is for living

faith in our oneness

our connection to the Universe

faith will open the doors

so we can once more explore

only now, we will be

aware of the road we are travelling

and feel the sun  as it nurtures

and makes us ONE


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


Friday 13th! a good luck day!

balance - photo by Emba As

Balance is the order of the  day – activity –  as shown in this first picture that  I discovered on a Google plus site (Emba As).  I meant to land and  retrieve the picture, however he has some other amazing shots that if you have time to visit, check them out.  So I enjoyed an interlude of soaking up the ambience found on his site.   The daring, the confidence, and the faith of these riders, to me is mind boggling. but then I am not a cyclist.  =^_^= It must be an exhilarating feeling!

Italy,Venicem by the canal by Neil Cherry on FivehundredpxBalance after activity is rest.  What a wonderful location to enjoy a relaxing time with friends, or alone just taking in the view and atmosphere of the place.  ( By the Canal was taken by Neil Cherry, and found on Fivehundredpx)  There are wonderful cafe’s and outdoor patio’s almost  anywhere now,  often found on busy city streets, and crowded shopping  districts,I rather liked the quiet feeling that being by the water would bring.  Somehow I picture that the boats would drift by adding to the charm of the moment.

And yes, I did mean that Friday the 13th is a lucky day… I’m not alone, I also know that there are many who have a dread of the day …I accept that the world is filled with differences, that is what makes us all unique.  Good things happen every day when you live looking for the positives in life.

Make today, your day..smile. smiles are healthy for the body, mind and spirit.


** By the Canal, Venice Italy posted by Shannon Frick Pinterest


Good Morning Everyone!


Remember this picture.  I’ve used it before.  I loved the stained glass windows.  I loved how the windows survived while the insides of the church was showing the rubble and decay of neglect and time.  Not being the photographer who took this picture, I do not know what the outside of this building looked like.  My vision  can only drink in what I see.  My emotions and feelings  toss and turn inside my head looking for the words to explain what seeing this moment in time does to and for me.

Today’s meditation/lesson   >The bigger the task, the more  your convictions are tested <  So many questions arose when I looked at the church, the light from outside is still coming through the windows, on a bright sunny day, how mesmerizing the view must be.  How enchanted I am just gazing at the light coming in through the various colours.  The peeling on the old walls has formed a lace pattern of intricate designs, were I there today, I would zoom in for a closer look. (times like this I miss my viewer in SL)  ( LOL.. for those of us who are part of the community in the virtual world of SL, there is a lot I’m sure that we at times wish we could do in our everyday lives as easily as we do in our other reality)

window 1

We all have windows in our lives, and mostly we look out.. not into them.  Why is that do you think?  When we encounter a challenge, are given a diagnosis we don’t really want … … what is it we tend to do.  Look on Google, ask around about it, share the information with a friend.???  We’re given a window, what do we do with it…

Flowers in the WindowWindows are symbolic of consciousness.  Yet windows are often simply part of our physical space, and are given thought to when we need to ope or close the shutters /blinds.. or look out to see if it is raining.  Unlike the door which we  interact with on a daily basis.  Using it to enter or leave the premises, yet I doubt we pay that much attention to it.  Tasks and challenges/opportunities are like windows and doors in our lives.  We “see” them, we use them, but often don’t really “see” them at all.  They just are.

wwindow,broken  found on voicenet.asia

Sometimes we need to look at the window, really look at it, and see it not only from outside, but from inside as well. When we encounter resistance in our thinking, we are looking in only one direction, usually out, it is often what is inside that is at the heart of the matter.

window, stained glass, by Vincent-Jansen.nl. flickr

Come sit with me, share this time to contemplate the moment.  Together we will live this moment in time, so when we move on, this moment will not be forgotten.    Our windows allow the light to come in, when it does, let it shine……………….

“If what you desire

is to be inspired and feel joy

but the opposite keeps showing up,

Rather than cursing fate

you can view yourself

as simply being

out of creative

vibrational alignment.”

quote- Dr.Wayne W. Dyer

top picture – St.Curvy’s Abandoned church in HDR Michigan, by tony lafferty01, flickr

pictures of windows found on Pinterest


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