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PL Principle # 1_edited-1

words we say,

we can never take back

once spoken

they linger

time may erase the pain

but, long after

the scars remain

TRUE love given

no matter the distance

will remain true

 and, should there be pain

pure love will see us through

words can lie

real love is felt

often unsaid

yet the bond transcends

above and beyond

always and forever

today, tomorrow and always


no more, no less




Words on Wednesday,


a child’s expression

so much innocence

the emotion just happens

as we mature

somewhere, some how

we find ways

to hide or not show

how we truly feel

and in time

we ourselves forget

that the facade

is really just that

an outer face

and not what

we are feeling

at all


PL Precept #15  all is a mirror


Earth Day!


Hello………….celebrate Earth Day

do we not do this every day ?

there obviously is a need to make everyone aware

that we need to appreciate and take care

of the world that we live in


it worked for me today

a reminder is always a positive reinforcement

we often forget when we simply go about our day

not always taking care of how we throw our waste away

please, let us all concentrate

more on saving the planet

not just today

but always



namaste     –      oyashikiri

PL  Precept #7    Everything Exists in Relativity



Some days we climb the stairs to our destination

without a thought or glance

at the world that surrounds us

we hurry, we let our thoughts race ahead

never stopping our chattering mind

till our tired head hits the bed


we compartmentalize our days

storing memories away

to maybe revisit on another day


Time does get away from us

and soon the memories

lie like dust on all that was

and we are left wondering

how so many years were squandered

because we didn’t take the time


to cultivate and look after our core

we always wanted more

yet that never satisfied the need

for what we sought

we already owned

it is never too late

to rediscover our faith


we are all ONE

life is for living

faith in our oneness

our connection to the Universe

faith will open the doors

so we can once more explore

only now, we will be

aware of the road we are travelling

and feel the sun  as it nurtures

and makes us ONE


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


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