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moving forward

path, by ojaipatrick on flickr

I hold my breath, close my eyes and count to ten

Will this anxiety ever end..

Somewhere out there, I know someone cares

Why, why is it when I look, no one is there

I read the other day that God is everywhere

In my prayers, I cry for help,  

over and over I do my best to express my self

I think I am doing my best, and yet

there is the tiny tug inside my chest 

that maybe, just maybe, I’m out of touch with my quest

that along the way I turned right when I should have gone  left

Pray with faith, is what  I’m hearing

listen with your heart, not your head

only then will you see the road ahead….

Yes of course, in you I’ll trust

only then will my life change, and you will lead me

to where I am meant to be, and I will be anxiety free.


In still waters I will be

when the Universe dwells in me

Namaste – Oyashikiri

Comments on: "moving forward" (3)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Great “shots” and very thought provoking words. Nicely done.

  2. Lovely photo and beautiful words.

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