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Bruce Lee


In my younger years, I remembered Bruce Lee as Kato, the actor who played along side the Green Hornet on a television show that I watched on the black and white telly we had, with the one station.  Being Chinese in Canada in years gone by meant you were a an oddity.  You stood out like a sore thumb and there was no way you could not know that you were “different:  from the other people in the community in which you lived.  My Father was a wise man who taught me to live life with appreciation. To accept and do my best to understand the difference we all have, and how unique each individual is.  By seeing those who taunted and rejected me without really knowing me, as a lesson, teachers of another side of a coin if you will. I learned to dismiss their actions as a part of who they were, and to move on.  These same youngsters were soon my playmates.  We are still in contact today.    I have been blessed with knowing that they feel that in getting to know me  they learned about an other culture and how it was a positive in their lives.


During the early years of my practice, martial arts became the “new fad”  The buzz was to take up a discipline and become another “Bruce Lee”.. It was always an honour for me when  young man/woman would come to my door asking for assistance in his/her developement.  NO I was not teaching a Martial Art technique, I was a teacher of the TAO, and worked with students and clients to help them deal with the daily stress they encountered in navigating their lives.


I soon learned that my childhood hero Kato, was Bruce Lee and that he had a lot of things to say about life.  I also learned that he had a huge following.  His wisdom,  dedication and focus on his craft was legendary.

bc3d9a0df3f80e6d654a0a48848454a8There has been so much written about him and his philosophy on life.  You can find all kinds of information by just typing in his name in a search engine, and reams of info will pop up.  I shared his thoughts with you today because so much of it is the wisdom of the TAO and the philosophy I was weaned on.  Asked the other day, why I am now with the Church of Perfect Liberty, my answer is … because it is the teaching of the TAO … that the church embodies.  I’ve lived long enough to know that the TAO is life itself, and not everyone wants to be a warrior, even though if you think about it, we all are in our own way.  What everyone does want is to find peace of mind. We all treasure those moments in our lives when life is uncomplicated and we feel totally at ONE with the world.


Please, allow me one more.. on love. friendship and lasting relationships.  Thank you for sharing this trip down memory lane with me,  You are very special and kind, I truly appreciate your company as I travel along this journey called life.



Namaste    –     Oyashikiri


Comments on: "Bruce Lee" (10)

  1. I like him a lot, so inspirational 🙂

  2. From One With All of Thee:
    Reach for your highest potential, Dear Ones
    And when you think you have reached that highest potential
    Reach higher
    For you do not acknowledge the power within you
    Reach higher Dear Ones, reach higher

    For you are needed now at this time
    Bless your earth, bless your universe, bless the others who come across your path
    Bless them all
    Bless your physical bodies
    Bless your thoughts, bless your words, bless your deeds
    And feel the love coming to you this day.
    Accept it.

  3. This is a beautiful post. I am glad you had the opportunity to learn that piece of wisdom at such a young age. I had different challenges, so I learned different lessons when I was young. I would have liked to have that one, though, because I am working on it now. It’s hard for me to see someone as they are, and not wish for them to live up to their potential.

    The Bruce Lee quotes are all good. I especially like the one about an average man (or woman) needing focus. I would like to add tenacity…which I believe is what the first quote is getting at. I set high goals, then I am practically blind to the challenges, ha ha! And so I keep trying and keep trying until I have exhausted dozens of approaches, and then…. I hang on just a little longer to see if maybe my timing was off and I should try again later. This may seem like a crazy waste of time to some people, but it’s amazing how frequently focus and tenacity pay off.

    The only reason this works is because I don’t get bitter at my periodic failures. And that reminds me of the lesson you learned as a child. It’s another version of seeing something for what it is, and not judging, but moving on.

  4. One of the most inspiring martial artists, philosophers and human beings ever. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for liking “Pomegranate Blossoms” and for sharing your experiences in this post. It is difficult to not be accepted as you are, and I am glad that you were able to find a positive way to overcome the teasing and rejection you faced because you were “different.” I also like the Bruce Lee quotes. They reflect his courage to face the challenges of life. It is sad that he died so young and that his son Brandon also died at an early age.

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