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What if

Zen 4.1._003What if, you went to the ball,

instead of dancing all night

you sat alone and listened to the music

and didn’t dance at all

Were you waiting for Mr. Right

or could it have been your heart was tired and sick

Why, why cries the inner voice

you do have a choice

stand up, turn and walk away

David Kyn  April 1

some times our dreams are not centered on reality

but rather an illusion of another time

when love was blind and you believed

in once upon a time.


love was raw

the passion intense

yet it didn’t last, it faded like a summer’s day

before the  first winter storm

and you were left to find the pieces of your broken dreams

David Kyn does it again...March 8 (Darkyn Dover)did you really believe he was your prince

that finally at long last, all the make believe was coming true

there is only one way to find your one and only true love

and that is to know what makes you happy

and to want it more than anything

because it will be for you, and only you.

for two to be one

both have first to know themselves

saying I love you, is not enough

words are words,

actions speak louder than  words


we are never alone

we may feel alone, but we are never alone

we have but to listen to our hearts

and know that we our connected

the miles  disappear

when we are connected by the awareness

that we are all ONE.

Namaste – Oyashikiri

all pictures save the top one were taken by the talented photo artist David Kyn (Darkyn Dover) you can see more of his work on FaceBook   http://expediente-sl.blogspot.com.es/2015/04/mi-mas-preciada-posesion.html?zx=777a9900a231389

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