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Can we obliterate the past

If we turn the other away

will the memory be erased

like a brush wipes away the chalk marks

on a well used blackboard

We edit, rewrite, correct and revise

even with all the amendments

the past is still present

in our minds, even echoed in

perhaps diluted form, but repeated


for even when a lesson is learned

lt only gives birth to  yet another

phase of the adventure we embarked on

when we were first conceived.

no more…   …no less



Comments on: "history" (4)

  1. I seriously really like your poems. And that is sometimes rare for me. Because I may sometimes be a little picky when it comes to poems. But your poems I can’t help to get enough. You are a very wise person. Please keep up the good work.

  2. The past, the present, the future all exist at once. No?

    • yes and no =^_^= we live in the now, yes.. the now contains energy from our past experiences, to know sadness is t have know happiness and vice versa, no?

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