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If you have never lived with a whippet you have not  had the occassion to see them in sleep mode.  They can run like the wind, jump like kangaroos, sneak like thieves, but when it is time to sleep, they zone,

Humans do a lot of running,moving, and racing about, but when it comes to sleep, many miss the boat.. We might sleep, but we seldom totally zone.  Those of us who do, who are able to simply lie down and “disappear” letting our bodies totally rest, and our minds shut down, are very blessed.

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I’d like to share with you a true story.  A dear friend has told me over the years about how her daughters first husband went to work one day and never returned.

Police were called in and for years, there was a search for this man, The family even hired a private detective.  Eventually all hope was lost, he had vanished, and there was not a sign of him anywhere.

He had left behind a daughter.  My friend’s daughter and her 1-year-old child were left wondering what had happened.  For years they suffered the pain of not knowing.  Eventually with time, for my friend’s daughter, she was able to put the past behind, and she remarried and had another daughter.

The daughter, the one whose father had just up and left, spent a lifetime, yearning and wondering.  Married now with two children of her own, she still grieved for the father she had never known.  In her heart, she prayed that one day he would be found and  returned to her, or at least, they would learn of what had happened and closure for her could happen.

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In her heart, she kept his memory alive, remember she was only a year old when he disappeared.  Yet she held her father in her heart and always in her prayers.

The other day, 35 years later, he knocked on his parents door, a mature adult man, white hair (he had been fair ) with a the question, was he welcomed.  You can imagine the shock, the tears, the reunion of the parents with their son.

He saw his daughter that Sunday, she invited the grandparents, their son (her estranged father) to dinner to meet her husband and her two daughters ( his grandchildren).. After dinner with the husbands permission, he and his daughter took a long walk together, to talk and get to know one another. Love is……

Faith and prayer are powerful tools.  Life happens … not when we want or expect it to.. But when it is meant to happen.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Whippet 6

What is.. no more… no less.

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