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word so easily flow for me,

yet this evening I am at a loss

I am trying to understand, how one so young can no longer want to live

while we wait, for news, if he will make it through this tragedy

I thank God for my blessings, and for the life I’ve lived

I ask myself, could I have done more

should I have known, were there signs that I missed

no one can know of course, what is really in someone else’s heart

how heavy the burden must have been

how alone he must have felt

now we wait and hope it is not too late.

Please pray for all the quiet souls who suffer in silence

so caught up in our own needs and wants

we sometimes forget to look around

and reach out with kindness

to someone who could use a friend.

I hold you all in my prayers

even though the miles are many and the distance way too far

for me to physically reach out and touch you

know that you never leave my mind.

and to you who is now  clinging to what is left of  your life

I close my eyes and pray with all my might

that the gentle hand of God will do what is right

 & allow the blessing of peace this night

namaste     –      oyashikiri


Comments on: "coping" (5)

  1. May your prayers be answered, for the highest good.

  2. @philosophize101 said:

    this speaks to me. I’ve went through a lot of internal turmoil. Because of that, I mourn for others…even if they’re not showing it…even if they flash me a smile…I know everyone must have pain that somehow I feel I need to touch and make brighter for them. I just don’t want anyone to hurt. So my life’s mission is touch hearts; to care; to move your soul with my words. This poem is beautiful…I am happy that just reading made me feel this deeply. Thank you.

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