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Thursday doors 6.29

December 28_007

some doors lead to fantasy and fun


some draw us in because we need to heal

snow in Ste Agath Quebec 12.23.12

some are a challenge and hard to get to


others remind us of another time


Some are closed and you know that is how they will stay


 then there is that special door,  you know it’s there

and it will always open for you

because, it brings you home.

doors no matter what

size or shape

are there for a reason

LOVE will usually open most doors.


Have a good day everyone, let LOVE embrace you today

you will have a very special day!

Namaste         –         Oyashikiri

Comments on: "Thursday doors 6.29" (9)

  1. That last one is quite special 🙂

  2. thank you. your special =^_^=

  3. Nice selection of doors. I like that little wooden cabin.

  4. so inspiring…..

    LOVE will usually open most doors.

    so true…..

  5. The way you emphasize doors is how as a child I used to emphasize windows. I used to write analogies like this: “an open window in spring is like the loving arms of a father” I really enjoy your posts and pictures!

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