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Thursday Doors 6.15.17


Hello, bonjour!

can you feel the charm

and gracious facade

this entrance way. exudes

no pretensions here

just a warm welcome

 encouraging one to stop awhile

Canadian charm

veranda, door, and entrance way

hopefully brings a smile your way

It’s Thursday!

we visit with Norm 2.0  today

Happy Happy day everyone!

PL Precept # 2  To live is to express One’s Self


Comments on: "Thursday Doors 6.15.17" (16)

  1. Real Canadian curb appeal.
    Huge Hugs

  2. It looks extremely welcoming….

  3. Andrea R Huelsenbeck said:

    Charming. I want to live here.

  4. Great verse to go with that lovely photo.

    • thank you so much Jean… I was so tempted to go sit in the chair, watch the world go by..but I didn’t.. it was very inviting.. =^_^=

  5. How nice, combining a doors post with verse. 🙂

  6. Would not think to go with light grey shutters on a white house, but here it works well. And is very inviting as you suggest.

  7. The house itself is gorgeous and picture is done amazing. Absolutely perfect composition!

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