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Cancer can

montfort 8.6.17

Cancer can turn your life around

it can throw what you have known as reality

into a different dimension.

” What kind of cancer “, someone will ask..

personally, even though we have been told, it doesn’t matter

What matters is it has to e dealt  with..

Here is a little tidbit from today’s adventure,

Yesterday I had to do a small laundry, and decided to do it by hand,

hang it outside to dry, we’ve had a couple of beautiful days .. perfect

for laundry.  I anticipated that fresh smell one gets from clothes hung out to dry,

montfort Aug. 6.17

I got half my wish, one article, the one that I was waiting for, was dry, but a bird had flown over and left its signature on it.  All that came to mind when I saw it, was that “Nature” had a sense of humour, but I wasn’t laughing.

What else to do .. but… come in and wash it all over again.  The other item which I had washed .. just because, was linen fresh, and daisy clean.

I think dealing with cancer will be pretty much the same… It happens, it’s ours, now we have to simply deal with it.  It will be a new adventure for both of us.  My husband has had a wonderful attitude, positive and bright.  Together we will see it through.

Again, thank you all for being so wonderfully supportive.  We ARE, all ONE.

PL Precept # 12  Everything has a way according to its Name.

PL Precept #15  All is a Mirror

Cancer can bring people closer together, in PL we say Kamuwaza (God’s Act) … is part of life.

What can bring out the best in people, cancer can.


love, light, laughter, appreciation, faith, and gratitude make them part of your day, everyday, no matter what….


Pictures taken on the grounds of the Montfort Hospital, Ontario.Canada



Comments on: "Cancer can" (13)

  1. I agree, Dymoon ! I wish you a serene and joyful day.

  2. “We ARE, all ONE.”
    Yes we are.
    Suffering comes to us all at different times.
    Those who suffer least life-long, look the most shell-shocked when they sit there in their chairs, in old age, helpless, wondering what has happened to them.
    Maybe it is not individual suffering that is most important, but the recognition that when you suffer, you are just like everyone else, and this might be the most important thing of all.
    Plus, possibly, suffering is maybe what we live and prepare for, how we handle it shows us most truly what we are made of.
    Love and admiration to you and your husband. You both already know this. I am just agreeing with you, and praying for you.

  3. Super attitude. In this there is no diminishment.

  4. Adding you two to my daily specific people prayer list. I hope for the very best for you on this journey and send everything good on the winds from here to you.

  5. Thinking of you and your husband every day.

  6. We are praying for healing for Bryan and a peaceful heart for you, Dymoon. Lots of love.

  7. It seems I have been so busy of late that I have neglected your blog only to realise that you are going through some major troubles. I am so sorry. Wishing you and your husband the strength to get through this. Much love, and healing energy. Marje xxx

  8. Sending love and warm thoughts your way! 🙂 xo

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