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Wednesday’s moment

hydrangea McDonald

Happy Wednesday everyone…. I was driving through a McDonald’s drive through for my ice coffee when I found myself beside a flowering hydrangea.  Now I’ve gone past it often, but that day, it was changing into it’s fall colours.  The summer white was giving way to the burnt peach/rust that will follow.

hydrangea 8.20.17

To remind you, this is what they look like in bloom early summer.  This picture is from the bush on my front lawn.  Hydrangea’s remind me of my Mother, she passed away last March, she was fond of the changing seasons,  with each passing year of  her time here on earth, she allowed nature to take its course, she would blossom in so many ways, it seemed to just happen.  Whatever, whenever, she never lost her youthful glow, that came from within.  Strength, determination, she held her ground.

hydrangea McDonalds bank hunt

This bush has been there for years, I always notice it, whether it is just its sculptured form during winter months, its fresh mint leaves come spring, or the first blossoms of another year.

My Mother is no longer here, but her presence is… When love is unconditional, no matter what… life/love combine, intertwine, harmonize.. like God it is everywhere, in everything we see and do.  The sky is always there, weather can change, but the sky is always there.

Blessings my friends… may your world shine, love is everywhere…



Comments on: "Wednesday’s moment" (6)

  1. Moz Loordes said:

    Beautiful pictures, Oyashikiri 🙂 Fortunately, I’ve still got my old mum who is ancient nowadays although she still gets around! Lives in Genoa, Italy.

  2. What a beautiful reminder of your Momma. My husband’s Mom had a Christmas Cactus that used to bloom on the anniversary of his Grandma’s passing. Nature can be a great comfort for such things. I have to keep remembering that lately. Wave, love and hugs to you, your husband, Velcro and all your rescued doll spirits today. Hope you are having a great day.

  3. Love is, indeed, everywhere.

    • Kisses Luna, I have been looking at perhaps getting another pwd.. but then.. I decided no, if I can enjoy your spirit and wonderful charms…I’ll be happy.. you are an angel … (of course I don’t have to deal with the havoc your human mommy does.. LOL…) I look for you every day… xxxoo

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