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Sunday Oct. 1- musing

window to the pastA window from the past

looks out into another world

when looking in,

there is left only decay and ruin

I drove along the highway today,

and saw where a building such as the one above

once alive and vibrant

was now shuttered and vacant

the vegetation was fast reclaiming the

once well tended lawn.

I had a fleeting  memory of days gone by

and wondered how come I’d missed

the encroachment of another phase

for the sign, standing tall near the street

announced that soon, a multi unit would be going up

The world is changing, and changing fast

where once we planned and looked forward

to a yard of our own,

now the buildings offer small rooms. and many units

to accommodate a number of families

where once, only one family lived,

and children ran and played with wild abandon

safe in their own backyards.

What happened?  Where is that time in space gone?

What was I doing?  How did I  miss it?

October 1st. in a flash it will be the 31st


history NY state

Windows… lots of windows.. just like doors, they fascinate.              Q


HELP.. does anyone know why the font in WP has changed … and how do I change it back.. I’ve tried customizing font.. didn’t work.. ???

Comments on: "Sunday Oct. 1- musing" (10)

  1. Didn’t notice a change in my font but maybe I just missed it. I have asked for Help with the Support Staff on WordPress in the past and they are pretty good. 🙂

  2. The only help I can offer is that I customised my font successfully some time ago. Could you perhaps try again?

    • I have a memorial to go to this afternoon and I have service this morning, but once with time for me..I will as you suggest try again.. thank you my dear..btw I always read and enjoy your posts, photos etc. don’t always get to just drop in, but know that I appreciate your visits

  3. Yesterday at the Texas State Fair we got to see a phenomenon that is growing – Tiny Homes. Even the dream of having your own home is getting smaller! People settling for a shed with double lofts just to have a place of their own.

  4. There is some great texture in these images. I love old buildings. They are awesome photo subjects. Have a great week. Cheers!

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