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Welcome to Sharon Springs NY, USA

A trip down memory lane. Back around 2012 I had the opportunity to drive down to Sharon Springs,NY. I had never been down into NY state, always my trips had been to areas in upper NY State. Being it is Thursday I thought I would share with you some of my memories of that trip. I wanted to visit the now defunct Sharon Springs Spa that had been famous world wide for its healing spring waters. I will post a collage of pictures taken during our trip there.

It was a beautiful day, so much charm and history, for us the pride of ownership shown in the houses along the streets was picture perfect.

We are blessed that we can so easily visit and enjoy the history and communities of our neighbours to the south of us. I had asked my husband to find a way for us to visit the Springs since I had read about its fame and was intrigued by its history. The spa itself was of course long gone, but the town had done its best to preserve its history.

For those of us who are photo buffs, it is always interesting to me how we are each and everyone of us, so unique in the way we capture our memories. How we visualize the moment before us. There will be many more doors for you to see and visit … simply visit the following link to Dan’s No Facilities site.. https://nofacilities.com/2023/04/20/running-around/

The past tells us a lot about how life was, across from the Wagner house was this wonderful lookout. Wagner House was on our way to Sharon Springs and Sharon NY.

Can you picture yourself sitting here on a beautiful spring/summer/fall day… enjoying the simplicity of the view, I don’t know what kind of winters they have in this part of NY State, but on a sunny day .. I’d sit a spell, to this day just looking and remembering this view… I smile.

Move forward with confidence Experiences you have acquired through efforts so far are wonderful. Give it all you’ve got.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 20

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me.


Sunday Oct. 1- musing

window to the pastA window from the past

looks out into another world

when looking in,

there is left only decay and ruin

I drove along the highway today,

and saw where a building such as the one above

once alive and vibrant

was now shuttered and vacant

the vegetation was fast reclaiming the

once well tended lawn.

I had a fleeting  memory of days gone by

and wondered how come I’d missed

the encroachment of another phase

for the sign, standing tall near the street

announced that soon, a multi unit would be going up

The world is changing, and changing fast

where once we planned and looked forward

to a yard of our own,

now the buildings offer small rooms. and many units

to accommodate a number of families

where once, only one family lived,

and children ran and played with wild abandon

safe in their own backyards.

What happened?  Where is that time in space gone?

What was I doing?  How did I  miss it?

October 1st. in a flash it will be the 31st


history NY state

Windows… lots of windows.. just like doors, they fascinate.              Q


HELP.. does anyone know why the font in WP has changed … and how do I change it back.. I’ve tried customizing font.. didn’t work.. ???

breakfast – steamed rice, poached egg


Still revisiting pictures of Sharon Springs. NY while I have my breakfast.  Wondering what I’ll find this year when we head out on another road trip.  I’m drawn to landscapes with a “story”, at least one that speaks to me.  When I take the picture, I’m trying to capture the thoughts, or story line that came to mind when I came across the “scene”   Some are just my artistic expression, of a time and space, and others are like visual bookmarks for my “gray matter”


We are all different in how we catalogue information, for me .. I know… I’m visual… my desk always looks like gremlins came in the night and tossed everything looking for  hidden treasures. Of course, it is the work of my lazy mind and my easily distracted attention.  Smiles sweetly, and looks up with innocent eyes.  Of course I know it’s a mess… but it is my mess, and I like it.  that is what having one’s own space is all about. =^_^=

Now breakfast – small bowl of steamed rice, small helping of pickled cucumber (Japanese) and one lightly poached egg (omega) on my rice.

bowl-of-rice pickled-cucumber poached-egg


PL Precept #2

To Live is to Express One’s Self

We will each do this in our own unique way.  Life will continually present you with new moments of wonder, awe, and surprises. Some you will delight in and other’s may not charm you as much, but each and every one of the moments, are moments we are living.. and part of.  It is your choice, to live happy, when challenged, find a new creative way to overcome, to surpass, and go beyond.

PL Precept #15

All is a mirror

PL Precept #17

Grasp what is most Essential

Have a great day everyone!!


times get tough – be creative


There are times, when no matter which direction we turn,life throws us a curve.  We can see these times as tough times, or as opportunities to challenge our creativity.  Countless books, and lectures have been given on “how to deal with adversity”.


PL Precept #1 – Life is Art

It really truly is.  Each time we’ve driven by this little display in Potsdam, NY, I wonder out loud, what, why, and where, the whole idea came from.  This time, we stopped so I could take some pictures.  The display has been there for some time, flowers are weather faded, and weeds well established.  There is also a similar display in another part of the town.  It is a University/College town, so I’m guessing, that it was some kind of project.  Whatever, it is most fun and interesting.


Toilets, flush away waste, bath tubs, wash away daily grim.  At one time, the display would have been fresh and innovative.  Today it is obviously still a source of interest or it wouldn’t be there, taking up such prime real estate.  Some day, perhaps I’ll hear what prompted such a display of tongue in cheek creativity.  Does anyone out there know?

No matter how tough times get, we all have the potential and possibility to achieve something positive.  The whole project here, was about waste being recycled, and what “fun” it is.

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept #  Everything exists in Relativity

bonjour c’est lundi and I’m off to Montreal

50 cents

Doubt that I will encounter too many 50 cent sales along the way. Certainly a sign from another day.  But…. one never knows just what will be discovered,  Certainly, I’ll travel ready to explore, should a door or window open, =^_^=

shadedHave a mindful, happy day.

what every you find yourself doing

my prayers and thoughts are with you

PL Precept 10   – Love yourself and Others

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