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finding Yoda

IMG_5176I have only been introduced to Yoda in the last year.  Although I had seen him around, obviously I knew of him.  He has only recently come into my immediate “circle” of events, happenings and energies.

He is pretty “cool” I can relate, can you?

PL Precept #15    All is a mirror



picture ht9


I saw today

visions that danced before my eyes

flowers PA7simple beauty that caused my mind to stray

Every day  we have the chance to see an array of colours, that really do take the breath away.  Yet, somehow we fail to let the quiet impressions of calm, take hold and keep us in a serene state for the rest of the day. Instead we are affected by the sometimes negative incidents that pop up to distract and cause us to stumble or hobble.

It is at such times that I am reminded  how priceless good friends are.  A kind word, a gentle nudge towards a happier experience. little steps can go a long way.  Rain may fall, but the sunshine will always return. Always.

and so, the hours passed the mind tired of wandering down rocky pathways, and returned to wander blissfully towards the captivating land of dreams.  The flowers still smiled and waved from their happy beds, only this time their cheerfulness stayed to lead the way.  Sleep will come and tomorrow will be another day.


I loved the gummies, anyone care to translate…   (when I figure out this bilingual keyboard I will know how to do a question mark )


PL Precept #16  Each moment is a turning point


a new week


What is this?p1000437

A picture gone rogue. Even with the best intentions, there are times, even when we do everything “supposedly” right… We don’t get what we were expecting.  Happens.

Do we worry, stress about it.. Of course not, we simply either do it again, or move on to something else.


That works when we are dealing with objects.  When we are dealing with another person, or plural, people,  redoing something isn’t always easy peasy.  In PL, Perfect Liberty, we see each new day, as a new canvas.  the possibilities are endless.

I enjoy a good moan and groan, just like anyone else, but it is a moment in time, I move on.  that is the beauty of  Living in Perfect Liberty (Precept #21)  We are given the tools, to help us maneuver the  challenges we face on a day-to-day basis.

Perfect Liberty is unique in its way of offering personal guidance to members.  We are all so different, with our own personalities and characteristics.  Through consultations given by PL ministers members receive personal guidance tailored to their individual situations.

I already know that I plan on a wonderful new week.  Each night is about having a good sleep so that I can begin my new “adventure”

Smiles and waves, how you doing today? how has it been so far? Had your morning brew yet?  Blessings… have a super grand day, doing whatever it is you need or want to do.



breakfast – steamed rice, poached egg


Still revisiting pictures of Sharon Springs. NY while I have my breakfast.  Wondering what I’ll find this year when we head out on another road trip.  I’m drawn to landscapes with a “story”, at least one that speaks to me.  When I take the picture, I’m trying to capture the thoughts, or story line that came to mind when I came across the “scene”   Some are just my artistic expression, of a time and space, and others are like visual bookmarks for my “gray matter”


We are all different in how we catalogue information, for me .. I know… I’m visual… my desk always looks like gremlins came in the night and tossed everything looking for  hidden treasures. Of course, it is the work of my lazy mind and my easily distracted attention.  Smiles sweetly, and looks up with innocent eyes.  Of course I know it’s a mess… but it is my mess, and I like it.  that is what having one’s own space is all about. =^_^=

Now breakfast – small bowl of steamed rice, small helping of pickled cucumber (Japanese) and one lightly poached egg (omega) on my rice.

bowl-of-rice pickled-cucumber poached-egg


PL Precept #2

To Live is to Express One’s Self

We will each do this in our own unique way.  Life will continually present you with new moments of wonder, awe, and surprises. Some you will delight in and other’s may not charm you as much, but each and every one of the moments, are moments we are living.. and part of.  It is your choice, to live happy, when challenged, find a new creative way to overcome, to surpass, and go beyond.

PL Precept #15

All is a mirror

PL Precept #17

Grasp what is most Essential

Have a great day everyone!!



Perfect Liberty

Perfect Liberty

PL Is alive and well in Raglan. PL is everywhere!

i did want to let readers who visit Raglan, Tiny Outpost  or any other location in SL (Second Life) to know that you can get to the church by visiting this kiosk (in Raglan Shire) for a LM. Or contact me (Q) and I’ll send it to you next time I’m there. Rev. Goto is also able to be there if you ever want a personal consultation with him. (English/Japanese) at the PL church in SL.

If you would like to meet with Q, she too can be available, you need only to contact her.  With Shocktober here, there is a lot going on in Raglan and @ Tiny Outpost, the church is open 24/7

Have a great day today.

Begin your Day with Appreciation..

Love and Blessings


Good Morning World

Wake up and have a great day!
Everyday is a new beginning…
For me it is off to church to receive Oshieoya-sama’s blessings and to deepen my faith in PL…
Sharing in community is rejuvenating. PL faith grows not only through intellectual understanding but also through actively participating in PL activities.
It is a way of life. One I embrace with all my BEING

LOVE and BLESSINGS where ever you are ENJOY your day, fill it with meaningful moments! You will smile in your sleep all night =^_^=

song is Com Quem Contar (Ana Maria Miranda Coelho Rios)    Who To Trust      (song is sung in Brazilian Portuguese)

The translation of the song, the English words don’t fit the melody so much but this is the songs wording in English.

I was unhappy – Not knowing what to live for  – I knew not how to smile.   Life just wasn’t worthwhile – not knowing what I could do –  Not knowing who to trust.   **** I sought, I sough, At last I found – Oshieoya-sama, Oshieoya-sama *** chorus (twice)

Now I know – realizing what life is for – I always live with a smile.  – Life is no longer a trial.  I now know who to trust, Oshieoya-sama – ***chorus four times ***


Live Each Day With Excitement

Live Each Day With Excitement

Challenge everything with enthusiasm. You will be rewarded with joy and encounter happy occurrences.
PL teaching day 5.
Remember when you first began to explore the storybook worlds of “Once upon a time” and “they lived happily ever after” Today after a lifetime of experiences,we know that these stories were not the realities of life. However, in each and every one of us, there still lives that bubble of delight for being enchanted and charmed.
In following the teachings of PL, and doing our very best to live in the moment, life does become happier and the enthusiasm for more is intoxicating. Blessings!


Be your”SELF” and have a great day!

What a beautiful day, the birds are singing .Some one is cutting their lawn. Ah… super long feel good stretch. It will be another day super fab day of living in Perfect Liberty!
Let this vine covered bridge lead you towards happy moments and the making of happy memories -Be Happy!

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