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Africa - capetown harbour - seal

Good morning…

Looking at the Harbour Seal, I think… “yea.. that must be nice, a lazy afternoon, baking in the sun.”  Then the little voice in my head blurts out the reality, that I don’t know how to just laze around  and  snooze or “day-dream”

My reality is that I love being on the go and active.  I thrive with multiple tasks to get done, and my sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and reward, is knowing that come early to mid evening, I can settle down to some “internet” time. Quality time with Hubby, and then I like that “melting into sleep” that takes place.

Today’s calendar reads  “Enthusiasm will make things Interesting…”

“When you put your whole heart into what you are doing, you will begin to notice many important details and your creativity will blossom.”

This is so important, I love what I do, and I love the experiences that I live. Yes I make mistakes, and yes, I have done some head slappers.. I wonder, what!!! why!!! and how!!! did I let that happen, or “where” was my head.  That is a wake up.. and realization that it is time to stop and recall my lessons from the past, and work at not repeating them.

Enthusiasm… what a wonderful state of “being”…  Be ENTHUSED today.  Make it count.




Comments on: "Enthusiasm" (13)

  1. I’m the same way. I love to be active and on the go. Though I do admire this seal’s ability to just hang out. Cheers

  2. lifeinkarolingston said:

    I’m active and definitely enthusiastic haha 😂 😂 However, I look at Harbour Seal right now and think what a lucky fellow.:-)

  3. Lilipily Spirit said:

    I would say that the seal is very enthused, soaking in the sunshine, and melting into delicious dreams… 🙂

  4. The more you are out there doing things, the more mistakes you will make! Mistakes are the only way you can learn!

  5. waves sending sunshine and cheers across the pond

  6. Patricia Lebrun said:

    I am pray for your husband I hope avery think go well.

    My love


    Patricia Lebrun

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