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Bom Dia on this lovely crisp Fall day.  For the last couple of days I have pulled together Xmas holiday stash, and begun my card making for the November deadline, or maybe it is end of October.  Must check that.  I decided on a theme this year,since the cards are going to elderly persons that will stuck in home, hospitals and such over the holidays, I decided on a theme of “days gone by”  I asked myself if I was going to be a recipient what would I enjoy.

There are many talented card makers who have been doing this for year, so there will be wide variety for the organizers to pick from.  Have any of you given serious thought to what. you will be doing in December. I have not, thinking that far ahead was something I didn’t do.  It has always been a time of year that I have not felt in sync with.

Yes I enjoy the colour and the gaiety that seems to arrive with the holiday season in December…. but the spiritual side of it all, I have found lacking.  But that my dears is not something we will go into now. (huge sigh of relief heard throughout the land)

btw the cards are not finished yet, they are mid way.  I see I’m running late, I will wish you all the best  of what today will bring your way.  I am looking forward to reading more of the autumn months from you, and the wonderful scenes you will post.

A hugs hug  filled with warmth and blessings is being sent your way,


the rat pack on their way to makeup

fright rat pack


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  1. Ray Farmilo said:

    Xmas is a joyful.and wonderful time for me. I feel very close to God , Jesus, Joseph and Mary. I do love your cards. What about times future as life is never-ending. It is always present. I bless your life. We bless all life.

  2. That is a thoughtful thing to be doing… I’m sure the recipients will enjoy your lovely cards!

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