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alexandria 8,4,aGood morning everyone, bom dia..

I was out of the city most of the week, travelling the roads…Gone are the fields of green, I was met with beautiful skies, that reflected the cooler temperatures, and the fields of white.  Interesting how the sky actually looks bluer and the clouds whiter when below is a blanket of crystal white snow.


I love that the world is constantly providing us with an abundance of new vistas, opportunities and challenges.  Letting go of what was, is an ongoing process of growth and new experiences.

PL calendar day 24 – Listen and See with careful attention and accept each other

Focus your “eyes” and “ears” towards the expression of others without any pre conceived notions.  Then you will be able to see their true intentions.

Life is what we make of it.  The choices are always ours.


Every new day is a blessing, each exchange with a friend, is a double blessing, for often through the eyes of our friends, we see a part of ourselves.     Q

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  1. It reminds me of the changes each day of life itself; no second, day or year is the same. We live, love, laugh and adjust each moment. Like you stated so well, each day is a blessing and the choice is ours. 🙂

  2. The conditions (weather, light etc.) do present familiar scenes in new ways. That’s part of the adventure of making photos. I agree that we need to not have preconceived ideas when talking with others. We are all human and have a tendency to make predictions about what will happen. But these notions prevent us from seeing what is really happening. Cheers!

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