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Thursday doors


The fascination of a door.  I loved that the lace curtain still hung on the door.


This doorway was further away, however, I couldn’t resist a capture so I could revisit later..  Had someone built a fort for the children to enjoy, or… was it an old structure, repurposed.  The character of places found when exploring other landscapes far from the city. Absolute heaven.

Eartha my travelling companion, shares in the delights of taking that secondary road, the quest for adventure, the joy of a discovery.  We did have a final destination and arrived soon enough.  But, not before we found another gem.

The past is part of our present.

PL calendar day 16

Avoid being careless or overconfident.

Even though you have put your best effort into doing something you still may have made some mistakes.  That is why it is important to always work with a prayerful mind.

Why would someone put an old tire there?


Upper New York State

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (17)

  1. As always, your text as good as the photos

  2. The lace makes the place 🙂

  3. The second one made me smile, but the other two made me a bit sad. Nice finds.


    • Good morning Janet is this a long week-end coming up for you? it is for us.. with rain forecast for most of the days with some sunshine maybe Sunday

      • Just a regular holiday here. Next weekend will be Memorial Day weekend and that’s an extra day. Not sure about the forecast, but we got rain yesterday and a thunderstorm last night.

    • we have had rain too, thunder was predicted here for last night but to my knowledge it didn’t happen

  4. Side roads and little unexpected stops make any trip so much more enjoyable!

    • for sure, and getting out to discover is part of the beauty of life today, with the convenience of cell phones and cars

  5. Wonder how old that first one is..who lived there..did they make the curtains and why was it left there.

    I feel a tale coming on:) Nice shots.


    • hi.. good morning. it looked like it might, in days of old, have been a store front (next to the door you saw) I hope to get back around there, with more time, look around more carefully and hope to meet someone to speak with. Could be a one time, but it sure gave me great pleasure that day… cheers

    • it was…. every day is a new adventure.

    • thanks, Thursday, when I can I participate in a feature, Thursday Doors .. we are many who “chase ” doors =^_^=

  6. Bonjour ou Bonsoir Ami ,Amie

    Tu vois
    Avec beaucoup de sincérité
    Je suis mon cœur
    Il a ses pensées , ses choix et ses propres idées
    C’est alors et seulement
    Que l’on devient acteur de sa vie

    Il faut dans la vie savoir aussi
    Tendre la main à qui en a besoin
    Sans en espérer un retour
    Juste se dire que c’était bien

    Alors s’installe une belle harmonie avec soi-même

    Je te souhaite ce qu’il y a de meilleur
    Profite bien , belle journée
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard

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