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a moment please


Another moment please, the window down, camera ready, I smiled and captured the lovely flowers that I had seen the other day.  I was happy to see they were still open and waving merrily in the early morning breeze.  It was meant to be, the car in front of me, was ordering yet another order.  Sometimes the Universe has you in the right place, at the exact time, that you were meant to be.

Here is wishing you a grand start to a brand new week.

PL Precept # 1  – Life is Art…

PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning point.


Happiness is loving the world around you… everywhere, can be a stunning view…

Comments on: "a moment please" (13)

  1. I like the idea that we are at the exact spot where we are supposed to be. Beautiful flowers. Cheers

  2. Haha! Even in the drive-thru line.

  3. Food for the soul!

    • yes’mam however it is the coffee I like.. Our McDonalds coffee is good up here. Seeing those flowers and how well they were maintained, impressed me… not all drive through care about the landscape!!

  4. Lovely approach to enhance the menu. Nice image. 🙂

  5. you know you always make me smile… that feeling of wanting to go over and tousle your hair..lol have a grand day dear.. as painless as possible

  6. Lovely! taking the opportunity to recognize beauty in unexpected places and moments in time, I enjoyed your words and the cleomes, thank you

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